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    Jun 30, 2011
    A while back I reported electrical trouble after falling over several times trying to learn to ride the gs on trails. It was mentioned that the obvious place to look were the connections which I checked out as ok.

    I had noticed an intermittent generator light and flashers and horn not working. I changed the rotor and diode board seemed to be ok but now dash lights did not come on when I turned on the ignition. Thought it was charging and maybe something wrong with the black box on the gs that controls the signal lights unlike the R100 I am familiar with.

    I had checked the fuses several times. After looking at the wiring diagram it seemed that no power was going to the wire that supplied the generator lights and horn and signal lights. Ran a positive wire to this circuit by connecting to the plug for the heated grips (same colour) wire now all works.

    Traced circuit back to fuse box where there are four fuses. Pulled out the fuse ran 12v to one of the connectors in fuse panel and gen light and horn and signals again work. Put fuse back in did not work.

    While looking at fuse box I saw a small light coming from fuse box so small I maybe it might be sunlight?

    Turns out there was a hair line gap in the fuse band that was arcing like a arc lamp. Replaced the fuse and all was normal.

    So if you have a gs and have trouble with charging and turn signals , horn first place to check are fuses which I did but not electrically just visually. As this circuit supplied the generator light which energizes the coil in the alternator to start the generation process.

    This is different to the R80 r90 R100 series that does not have this circuit