City slicker finds Dirt fascinating

Discussion in 'Old's Cool' started by crarchitect, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. crarchitect

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    Jun 7, 2005
    Holy cow these airhead GS's work pretty darn well in the dirt. Who woulda' knew? Ok, so some folks get to blast the ruts more often then others, I suppose.

    I just had my own miniature slice of the Dakar this weekend on 150 acres. The 7 mile private dirt road on it's own was pretty fun. The bike was definitely waking up and asking for more.

    So, to those of you who have been blasting these bikes off road for the last 20 years, I salute you! I can better imagine how much fun you have been having. :freaky

    Boy, 400lbs. gets a lot heavier in on a muddy hillside...
  2. Rapid Dog

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    Oct 28, 2003
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    ...gathering my dirt experience wits about me again, learning to ride off road again, I'm finding that the airhead GS is very capable indeed.
    I'm finding though that on gravel roads it tends to want to step out and the front end wants to slide more than I'd expect.
    I've been thinking 19" front wheel, wider tire maybe...
    ...why just this weekend I, uh...:eek1