Cold southern Ohio on new KLR650

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    Mar 18, 2013
    Piketon, Ohio
    Just after reviewing the followin day forecast for monday, I was excited to finally get the new KLR out for a spin on some gravel roads. During the winter months I'd been living in Haiti and had a chance to ride some really technical offroad saddling on anything ranging from a 125 jeely to a 250 honda nxr. So getting a chance to get back to the states on a fresh 650 sounded great. I'd never ridden a KLR much but took a buddy's experience (plus the fact he owns one) on the new purchase after searching high and low for a great deal on a used one. The temperature wasnt anything close to what the weatherman had announced and I'm sure those reading will understand when I say its "Ohio" weather. The plan was to ride over and pick up my buddy who was also going to ride his KLR. Rain came down, clouds covered the sky, and the freezing temps felt purely, a cold version of hell, as I watched a clean odometer move forward from 9 miles to 24, finally arriving at his house. The stock handguards worked nicely with my super thin leather gloves on the short 15 miler, but we had another 100 miles to go and coffee stands dont just appear out of the woodwork in southern Ohio. So my review and story is gonna be short. I had owned a super nice vstrom 650 prior to leaving for Haiti and wasnt a bit over promised on the mid range power of the KLR. It pulled great, handled great on the gravel, and offered a real nice buddy flow to the riding program. The windshield sucks but a new one is on the way. The day ended up as always; a great day on two wheels.......thanks KLR and John for the awesome break in to a new machine and being back to Ohio weather.

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    Welcome Home
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    KLR's aren't for everyone, just for those who want to ride a nice bike, take pictures along the way, stop for coffee and eats more often then not, and at the end of the day think about how nice it's going to be tomorrow, as you get to do it all over again.

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    Dec 22, 2011
    This weather is like a roller coaster! Piketon eh, I am from Portsmouth..
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    Great to read you short ride report with first impressions of the KLR650. It confirms, that I did a good choice when selecting the KLR for my Trans-Canada trip this summer. The bike is already waiting for me in Halifax and now it's just a bit more than two months left until I start.

    I had bought the KLR based solely on internet reports, that model is not sold any more in Europe, so it was totally blind investment. But sounds like it was a good one!

    Wish you a great and safe riding season 2013!

    Easter greetings from Sweden
    Kai-Uwe / nordicbiker

    PS: you are able to follow my north America adventure at!
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    Pics! :y0!
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    Nice, you have some of the BEST roads in Ohio in your area! I was recently stationed near Dayton OH for a year with the miltary... thought it was a near-wasteland for bikes until I discovered all those twisty two-lane roads near the Ohio River down in your part of the state. Favorite one was heading north out of Rome OH towards Blue Creek, all curves and zero traffic. Used to run down that direction on a VFR750 almost every warm weekend. Then in the winter at least you can always go hit the AMA Museum in Columbus. Oh and in the summer there's the AMA Vintage weekend at Mid-Ohio track! You're making me all nostaglic. Have fun with the KLR!!!