Colorado romp comments appreciated

Discussion in 'GPS Tracks - Rockies' started by halmc, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I used to live just north of there in Woodland Park and worked in Cripple Creek. I've ridden Phantom Canyon many a time going to and from Canon City, and the condition of the road is very dependent on the season and latest level of care.

    I wouldn't hesitate to take my GS through there in the summer but think I'd find another road for a nice RT. Someone near there that rides it currently might have fresher information.

    Also you could check with a local wildlife officer or the Teller or Fremont County Sheriff's office. My trips were usually with a 4wd Bronco or a Honda 600 but I think I never failed to get through. That RT would be much more vulnerable to damage.

    Hope you enjoy the trip and Cripple Creek and Canon city are both very interesting destinations.

    Congrats on the new RT as well... You beat me to it... I'm still looking...