Colorado Springs: paved loop gpx's?

Discussion in 'GPS Tracks - Rockies' started by halmc, May 21, 2010.

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    I'll be picking up a BMW RT in Colorado Springs, where I'm planning to spend three or four days before heading back east. Anybody got any *.gpx's they'd care to share for day rides out of CS, south, north, or west? I'm ok on the RT with decent fire roads, and particularly keen on riding over high passes. Kinda milk toast, I know, but any help appreciated!
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    im not a geek, so i cant help with gpx's, but as that is my former hometown i just had to speak up. if youre wanting to tour within the city put garden of the gods, the air force academy, gold camp road, and palmer park on your list. outside of the city, go west to find the really good stuff. hwy 24 (ute pass) will get you there (its the gateway to the rockies in that area). i would also highly suggest you ride to the top of pikes peak. its mostly paved now and the dirt sections are very manageable. over 14k feet and the donuts at the top are to die for! beyond that is cripple creek. its a former mining town that is now casinos. very scenic and the drive there is nice.

    it really depends on how far away from the city you want to venture. have fun and good luck!
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    Personally, I'd stay away from Upper Gold Camp Road unless you have the waypoints for the intersections. it's all high-clearance passenger car dirt road. I rode to Victor a few years back on a Plated KLX300, there are ALOT of un named roads that will lead you astray. I took several pages of printed, zoomed in street level maps and a compass still got lost a time or two.

    For some great stress-free roads these can be strung together in several different ways:
    24 WB to woodland park,
    North 67->126 through Deckers to HWY285.
    NB 73 to 103 that ends at I-70
    Hwy 6 into Golden, then S to Morrison (i like 26/93 over the 470.)
    74 to Kitteridge and through to Evergreen and 73, or turn on Meyers Gulch road and connect to 285 which isn't bad itself.

    Also S 67 to Cripple Creek, then 1->11->102->9 are awesome and will get you to 50 about 6 miles west of Canon City.

    To the west/SW
    hwy 50 From Canon City to Salida is fun.
    from 50 at Texas Creek:
    69, 96, 165 is beautiful but not impressively twisty or 'fun' 165 will bring you back into Pueblo, 50 mi S of CoS

    Every one of those roads is within 2 hours of Downtown CoS.

    If you want passes:
    Hwy 40 from Empire to Winter park is stunning (Berthoud pass) -I-70 corridor-
    'Top of the Rockies' from Blackhawk to Estes Park is a nationally recognized scenic loop. just west of Denver
    Further west, 50 from Salida to Gunnison (Monarch Pass)

    Anyone of those roads can be networked into a 200-350mi day ride.

    PM me if there's anything I can help you with.