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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by mbellino, May 22, 2013.

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    What's the current thought on the best rider to passenger commo system? I was happy with my Scala Rider from Cardo Systems until 1/2 of the system popped off and is lost. Oops. Anyway don't need to talk to other riders, just my pax and GPS/phone. So what's everyone think? BTW, got the new GS, fully outfitted now, and it is spectacular.
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    You don't mention what Scala Rider model you had?

    You could certainly just try to find a used unit to replace the one you lost?

    My wife and I have owned the Scala Q2's, I've used the G4, and now we have the Sena SMH10's.

    Both make good products, but for me, I think the Sena is more simple and easy to use and I absolutely love the jog dial.

    Sena does make the SMH5 which is cheaper than the 10 and is more meant for rider/passenger setup.

    Take your pick.