Commute to Work? ATGATT

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  1. Robert_C

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    Dec 12, 2004
    P.R. China
    Olympia Phantom riding suit over business clothing. For shoes I wear a pair of Joe Rocket boots that work pretty well as business looking shoes, black leather with no really weird stuff on them. I have to wear boots anyways as doing something stupid a few years in the past permanently messed up my ankles; as such, wearing boots is not even arguable as a "reasonable accommodation."

    I roll up the coat and put in a plastic bag in the side-case. It comes out looking okay. If it isn't raining I change out of the riding suit in t he parking lot. Otherwise I walk in and change out of it in the break room.
  2. abhibeckert

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    Feb 15, 2010
    Cairns, Australia
    I used to ride about 10 minutes of city traffic to work, and I would wear office-acceptible boots (I picked some some presentable hiking boots, they're only slightly bigger than joggers, but have excellent support), good jeans, light/high airflow padded jacket (it's hot where I live), light motocross gloves, full face helmet. I kept my helmet/jacket/gloves under my desk, and wore the rest all day.

    I came off once with that gear, it had been raining lightly, no traffic, and I was on auto-pilot braking into the U-turn I did every day to get to work. I grabbed too much front brake, and low-sided it at ~10kph. Walk away from that with a slight rash on the outside of my leg (not even bleeding, and no bruises).

    Now I've moved to another town, but still work at the same office a few times a week. It's now ~20 min city riding (I try to get to work before peak hour, and leave work before peak hour), ~20 min twisties (250 corners!), and ~40 min of highway. Now I wear full motocross boots, the same jeans, the same jacket, heavy duty gloves, and the same helmet. I also ride more carefully than I usually would, especially in the twisties (it's sooo tempting to scream through at warp speed) and in the city (traffic can get bad). I'm still able to keep everything under the desk, and I have a pair of shoes at work ready to put on when I arrive.

    I've come off twice with that gear, once was in a section of dirt trail I take from time to time on the way home, if I'm bored by the 1+ hour trip. Left me with a hole in my jeans but no injuries (low speed crash, leg pinned under bike and knee hit a rock). The second time I hit some gravel in an intersection and high sided/was thrown over the handlebars... face-planted on the road, but was slow enough not to slide. I had an extremely painful foot for 2 days (could barely stand up, needed crutches) and some minor grazes on my legs above the knees, and a few pulled muscles all over my body.

    I'm fairly happy so far, figure my gear has been adequate each time I've come off. I'm extremely cautious around other cars, and our small city "peak hour" isn't too bad, so am counting on never having an accident involving another vehicle while wearing this gear.

    I've decided to go and find some kind of light weight knee protection. The knee guards I have now are overkill and too cumbersome. Haven't work out what I'll go for yet.
  3. Zerk


    Jan 23, 2010
    Straight jacket memories, and sedative highs
    That would mean I would have to get up earlier.
  4. NateLePain

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    Dec 17, 2006
    Central AR
    20 mile year round commute. Dress is casual and worn under my Joe Rocket Ballistic 2-piece, slighty oversized. I have worn it for the last 4 years and it has been great. I treat it w/ waterproof spray, with close attention to the seams. I wear lace up duty boots, unless rain is in the forecast and then I wear waterproof Sidi boots and change into casual shoes at work.

    Storing your gear, on your bike will be problem, if it is wet, particularly when you put it on later. When the temp is around 100F, I slim down to a textile jacket, summer gloves and no over pants.


    If you ATGATT:
    Do you change at work and keep all your gear at your desk / locker?
    Do you have your work cloths under your ridding gear and keep all your ridding gear on you bike?

    If you do not ATGATT, Do you slim down and only wear helmet and jacket?
  5. Long Gone

    Long Gone Objectivist

    Jun 27, 2005
    Ivor VA
    My mesh pants are large enough to wear over the chinos or jeans I wear. A polo or long sleeve button-down is fine under the mesh jacket in the summer. A winter jacket with a heated liner and a fleece is usually the only change I have to make for the cold. I take the gear off in my cubicle and hang it there. Wolverine boots polish up well or I wear textile hiking boots. It's a 45 minute commute, mostly on two lane country roads, so ATG is the only way to go. BTW, my wife works at the same company, rides with me, and does the same routine. Her only complaint is that she can't always wear her nice long coats for the walk to her office through the shipyard.
  6. abhibeckert

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    Feb 15, 2010
    Cairns, Australia
    My excuse is I can't have a shower at work, because there is no shower. And if I wear ATGATT, I'd arrive drenched in sweat (even in mid winter). So I go with light protection, and ride accordingly, and put up with the resulting injuries.
  7. Tonopah

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    Mar 23, 2009
    New River, AZ
    33 miles each way to work on Los Angeles freeways in the dark (AM) this time of year and heavy traffic coming home. Olympia Phantom one piece, BMW Santiago boots, safermoto yellow hit air vest on top of the Olympia. Lane split (carefully).

    Slip on dress shoes in tail bag. Leave my gear in the underground parking lot at work, put on the dress shoes, and take the elevator to my floor.
  8. Giuseppe

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    Oct 16, 2005
    Rock City, TN
    My commute is about 25 miutes between two suburbs. I wear my FD uniform to and from work, so I just put a jacket and overpants on over that: Mesh in the summer and heavier stuff in the winter. My only compromise on ATGATT is the boots. I wear thick leather steel toe lace-up boots at work so I'm comfortable riding in them. I've got a locker at the station, so I can stash my riding gear in there during my shift. When I have to travel to fill in at another station, I store my riding gear in the panniers.

    R1200GS ready for work:


    Boots, coat, and pants on the seat. Fire helmet, mask, workout clothes, sneakers, and toiletries in the boxes.

    I do love my life! :lol3
  9. ®êšïš†ø®

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    Feb 28, 2010
    VA NRV

    There's no reason not to. Wear a backpack if your stuff doesn't fit anywhere else. Buy a topcase. Don't make excuses!
  10. MillCreek

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    Aug 9, 2008
    Snohomish county, Washington USA
    I wear a suit and tie to work. I use an Olympia Phantom, Olympia Stealth or Teiz Lombard as a one-piece suit. The key is buying them a size or two larger to easily go over the work clothes.
  11. C-Stain

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    Jul 9, 2009

    You guys has all got short commutes to work. I do 100 miles ONE WAY, and ride to work as much as possible.

    Our office is "Business Casual", but we're a Software Development Firm, so that is open to interpretation. I wear ATGATT to and from work. I wear a pair of Ballistic Overpants in cooler weather. Hot humid summer days I can wear shorts and will do so under my mesh pants (If its not disgustingly hot, I just take the car with A/C) I wear a full coat year round and riding boots. My hair problem is quite easy...I have none.

    There are a pair of shoes at work and I keep my riding gear in the closet. If I can't wear jeans or shorts because of meetings or clients, I will wear a Golf Shirt and a pair of Cargos or Khakis and seem to make out fine.

    There are three of us in the office who ride. Two of us are ATGATT. The woman who's my manager rides a very sweet tricked out V-Star 650, but she's pure pirate, all the way.

  12. Gizmo

    Gizmo Hermes

    Apr 10, 2003
    Phoenix, AZ
    ATGATT, by all means. I started commuting with my Olympia AST and Ranger 2 pants, but it is a little too hot in the Phoenix summers and I hated having to change at work. So I purchased the Olympia Stealth one piece which does two things, gives me a nice summer friendly suit and a one piece I can throw over my work clothes. Years ago I had the Aerostich 1-piece I commuted in and it was great also, but when it came time to replace, I did not want to pay the premium price. Bottom line IMHO, a one piece is the way to go for commuting.
  13. Juan Loboe

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    Jan 1, 2008
    Central AZ Megatropolis
    In business casual or uniform, with full face helmet, and armored mesh jacket, with liner when it's cold, and Danner boots. 30 minutes each way. My duty gear stays at work except for my heater-gat-piece.

    Uniform shirt under the jacket, if it's cool, or folded in the pannier, when it's hot. I can be outside for a good bit of my workday, and getting a bit sweaty, time to time, is part of the deal. My hair is short, and a quick brush takes care of helmet hair. So I fit in with my co-workers, unless I have to dress up for some reason, in which case I carry my nice clothes and change at work.

    I have 2 pairs of armored pants...but generally do not wear them due to the inconvenience.

    Someone will probably chime in with a warning about not wearing armored everything, $350 motorcycle specific boots, etc., so permit me to spare them the time and effort by calling everyone's attention to that.

    I really look forward to the ride to work, and to the ride home.:clap
  14. CBBaron

    CBBaron Long timer

    Sep 22, 2009
    ATGATT for my commute.
    I wear overpants and a jacket over my work clothes and leave my shoes at the office. Most of my gear just hangs in the office. When the weather is nice I sometimes leave the helmet and gloves on the bike in a locking trunk. However dress code at work is flexible and our parking is secure.

  15. Roam

    Roam If you want to

    Jul 25, 2006
  16. Okie Preacher

    Okie Preacher Long timer

    Aug 11, 2010
    In the middle...
    MotoPort Air Mesh Marathon Jacket and pants over business casual. Alpinestars touring boots exchanged for a set of dress shoes kept at the office. Shoei RF1100 pulled over a buzzed head. Sports coat folded in the side case with the laptop.

    Two minutes to pull the entire kit on and be out the door. Why would a person ever be without?
  17. ride on joe

    ride on joe More Gas, More Beer

    Apr 18, 2007
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Lots of good gear and thanx for sharing your thoughts. Keep them coming!

  18. Ceri JC

    Ceri JC UK GSer

    Sep 14, 2009
    All over, usually Wales or England
    In my previous office and when visiting customers, it was "business casual". Apart from in summer, this meant I could wear black (non-faded/worn) jeans or chinos, and a shirt, with regular bike textile gear over the top. My boots were lace up an when polished and worn under the trousers looked enough like normal shoes. I then put a tie on once I got off the bike.

    Now, I need to wear a suit. I keep one in the office (along with smart shoes, a couple of shirts and a couple of ties). When visiting customers, I have a wool suit which resists creasing very well. I carry this on the bike and get changed in the toilet in reception before announcing my arrival.

    It makes things simpler that we have "dress down Friday" where you can wear casual clothes, so on those days I dress like I used to at my old office.
  19. cheff

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    Jan 23, 2006
    Orange County
    Been commuting on a bike for years now. Everyday rain or shine (easy in San Diego weather). Used up a Spidi Admiral, and now my 'Stich is in serious need of repair (new zippers, velcro etc) Wore out 2 pairs of Sidi Canyons and now using Sidi Adventure Rains.

    I keep my shoes in one of my drawers at work, and wear my casual business clothes under the 'stich.

    ATGATT for sure!!!
  20. Jacl-Kampuchea

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    Sep 27, 2010
    I see Drunk People.

    Lucky to be wearing trousers most of the time. It's usually shorts.

    I live in Phnom Penh and the humidity plus the sheer volume of 5-15 minute rides I need to take in the city every day make it impractical. Not to mention temperature pushing 40c and high humidity.

    If I go to ride outside the city then I wear mesh Dainesse motocross upper body armour, helmet, goggles, gloves, boots and armored pants.

    I have never (touches wood) laid my dualsport down on the blacktop - though I have crashed both my Daelim mopeds quite hard here this year. The last one caused me to lose skin on my scalp, forearm, knee, ankle and also left me with what feels like a cracked rib.