Compartment Syndrome after a Motorcycle Crash

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    Thank you for the insight.
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    A good doctor is worth every penny of his exorbitant salary. I was riding recently with two doctor friends and a nurse: Neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist, and nurse anesthetist. One of our group went down HARD. I stepped aside and let the professionals do the first aid and headed back to call an ambulance. The doctors did their thing, reduced the fracture on the trail (tibial plateau), and we got our injured buddy out.

    Just wish the government would get their idiotic mitts off of a system that works extremely well for anyone who is willing to get a job.
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    So, after the OP dumped the HD; did he get back on and stop her in less distance or not??

    Good info, thank you for posting this.
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    I had never heard of Compartment Syndrome until about a year ago. I had just spent two years building my own 2,400 sq ft log house by myself and managed to avoid the ER room during that time. I needed to move the cell phone repeater antenna from our shop building up to the new house, so I got the ladder and went down there. I set the "A" Gorilla ladder up next to the almost flat drop roof, climbed up and took down the antenna. With an armful of drill & tools I went to step back onto the ladder.

    I know better, I should have went to one knee then stepped down onto the ladder, but instead I stepped right onto the top of the "A". The ladder started to fall over, so instead of going down with the ship, I dropped everything and bailed. I jumped ahead of the ladder, let my legs take the 8' drop, then tucked and rolled. I was so proud of myself for not feeling any pain or not hearing anything snap.....until I saw the 70lb ladder blot out the sun as it careened towards me. I tried to get out of the way, but the apex of the ladder slammed into my shin about 5" below the knee.

    A week later my leg was really swollen and hurt like hell, so I caved and found a clinic that had a X-ray machine(I do not go to ER rooms unless there is a compound fracture and/or a tourniquet involved). The X-ray was negative for a fracture, but then the very attractive tall blond Dr said...."So do you know what Compartment Syndrome is?....I told her, "No, never heard of that". She explained it then said I was really close to LOSING MY LEG! Now she had my attention, so I did everything she told me to do which was mostly staying completely off it for 4 days(that is a really hard for me...I was ADD before ADD was cool). It took a month for the swelling to calm down.....lesson learned.

    Compartment Syndrome is nothing to blow off...the consequences can be a life changer.
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    ?? I'm the OP and I posted an article. The article wasn't about me fyi, although I did have a case of compartment syndrome at one time.

    Good riding all!