Connecticut to South Florida

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    Sep 7, 2010
    Hello ADVers

    I've been following this site for about a year and you all inspired me to get off my butt and put some multi-state/multi-day miles on a hog. Found a beautiful 2002 Duc ST4s on craigslist with only 2,600 miles on it, flew up to CT from FL to buy it, and rode it home approx 1700 miles over 3 days.. had a great time and looking forwards to planning the next trip. I took mostly back roads in the northern states. Took I95 south from SC down to Ft. Lauderdale. Highlights were the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the random fishing towns in NC.

    Things I learned:
    1) Never pass a gas station thinking you've got enough to make it to the next one. I was dumb enough to do this twice and both times the fuel light went on and I had to burn at least 15 miles of reserve until I found a station . One of those times was in the middle of North Carolina country with NOTHING around. .. I got lucky.
    2) Shiny red bikes are invisible to cagers.
    3) Frogg Toggs - dont leave home without it.
    4) Eat local, avoid chains. There's no better way to meet new people and immerse yourself somewhere you have never been before than to chow down at the local mom and pop joints.

    Some eye candy:
    Pocomoke City, MD. Got lost on some back roads, ended up here:

    Dismal Swamp rest area in NC. Note the towel I put on the seat... great trick to temporarily relieve a sore butt:

    Got lost again in NC, this time ended up in a nice little country town called Beulaville:

    No idea where this was:

    south of the border to meet pedro (dont eat here ...):

    Clark's Inn @ Santee, SC. Stopped in after a fill-up. Turns out it was the best fried chicken and oysters I have ever had in my life. Ended up staying the night:


    After this whole thing, I have come to truly respect the hell out of the Iron Butt clan. My longest day was around 600-700 miles and I was sore. I would love to attempt a 1000 miler in 24 hrs in the near future.

    That's all folks - pleasure to meet you all!
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    Best of luck with your new ride. . .it's a beautiful bike:clap
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    I'd say a different seat and higher handlebars would be required for me to do 1,000 miles on your great looking bike.

    If you did 700 I still think you should get a certificate.