Contour+ vs. GoPro Hero

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GoPro Hero or Contour+

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  1. nielsm

    nielsm Adventurer

    Jul 25, 2011
    The new GoPro Hero2 has more lights which flash when it is recording than the original GoPro. This does make it easier to see if you are recording.

    Battery life for me was the killer. With the extra battery pac, it's perfect for those long rides where you may want to capture a lot of footage.
  2. JesperP-H

    JesperP-H Anthro-Rider

    Jan 23, 2012
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Well.. I was the decider. and decided.

    I have ordered two GoPro Hero2 motorsports edition. The sales guy talked me into getting the gopro despite it being cheaper - that always impresses me. (oh I know - I have a great deal of idiosyncratic ideas...)

    And with the Hero2, oh so many bugs were fixed. Also - as has been mentioned - the whole ecosystem on the Hero2 is just way better than the contour+. And when the Wifi-backpad is released I'm all set.. :)

    Thanks for all your input!!!:freaky
  3. astrobiker

    astrobiker AstroBiker

    Feb 13, 2012
    Here is another vote for the GoPro and this is why

    A big part of my touring is making a video and then I give talks and bore family & friends. I started out with an ordinary video camera, then a camera with HD and now a GoPro and I am thinking of upgrading to the new version. Here are my pros & cons

    I mount the GoPro using a RAM mount on the handlebar. You wouldn't catch me with it on my helmet, just asking for trouble if you come off....
    On a RAM mount you get a very stable image
    It also overcomes the issue of on/off. I turn it around, switch it on and turn it back, easy
    Great quality images
    Waterproof case
    Small & compact
    lense is cheap to replace, very important as I find lenses get scratched by dust etc
    Battery life is about 4 hrs when running continuous
    get cheap accessories from hong kong for battery, chargers

    Button can be fiddly to switch on/off with big gloves
    Best to leave it running so editing is a problem but it catches those rare moments
    Can't tell easily if battery runs out or card is full

    Both are good cameras and I am sure you won't be dissapointed
  4. NordieBoy

    NordieBoy Armature speller

    Dec 2, 2006
    I've not had that happen yet, touch wood.
  5. Kirkster

    Kirkster Parts Murderer

    Dec 1, 2011
    Peoples Republic of MD
    Finally a thread this NooB can contribute to

    Units I have today are the V.I.O 1.5 and the Contour GPS with bluetooth.

    I might pick up a GoPro Hero2 but with the new Contour+ and its microphone jack I might stick with the Contour+, as good audio is important to me.

    Yes the GoPro Hero2 has a microphone jack but and in order to get good audio out of the GoPro you have to use the GoPro Skeleton case which negates the water resistance of the GoPro unit in order to plug in the microphone.

    Now on to the good stuff....

    The V.I.O 1.5 which is 720X480 and 110° field of view at its best resolution. The images are very nice for being non HD. Audio is excellent.

    The pros:
    Built in Video Screen in the recording unit.
    Wireless remote control
    AA batteries (if you use rechargeables you can record all day on one set)
    Loop mode recording (records constantly but does not save it until you see something worthy of recording and hit the tag button and it then saves that whole loop (loops can be up to 30 minutes)
    Rugged and Waterproof as is.
    Microphone sounds great as it is usually tucked inside you clothing so no wind noise.
    The mounting kit has all kinds of good mounts

    The cons:
    The damn cord for the camera is a pain if you have it in helmet mount mode as you have to take the recording unit off every time you take off the helmet. This might not be so bad if you don't have the recording unit in your backpack.
    AA battery maintenance can be a pain and the 8 battery unit I have takes up a lot of space if you are doing long distance touring with a small light load in mind.

    Contour GPS is 1080p with a 135° field of view.

    The pros:

    Big record button easy to tell if it is recording or not.
    Bluetooth allows you to adjust the camera so that you know where it is pointed, a very nice feature
    Good video quality.
    Replaceable batteries
    USB based charging of the batteries means that you can just plug it into you computer to charge the batteries
    MicroSD up to 32gigs
    GPS is nice to have

    The cons:

    Short battery life in comparison to the V.I.O.
    The battery removal is a bit fiddely and sometimes you need to use needle nose pliers
    The 135° field of view is a bit much as you have to ride awful close to get person in front of you to get good action shots
    Microphone is crap unless you are standing still. I have yet to glue some microphone foam over the hole but I am not holding my breath about that being able to help at higher speeds.
    The mount system is a bit wonky but there is a pretty good diversity of mounting options and they usually hold very well, I have not lost a camera yet.

    Wrapping it up...

    The V.I.O. unit has a small discrete camera which is nice, but the recorder unit is bulky but you forget about it once it is in a pocket.

    The Contour unit is a bit bulkier but still svelte in comparison to the GoPro which is the main reason that I went with the contour at the time as it did not have brick like profile of the GoPro

    I like the quality of the GoPro video that I have seen and the Contour+ may equal that but the shape and form of the GoPro has always put me off.

    Now onto my peeve My big peeve with all of the newer HD units is the fact that they are going even wider on the field of view 170°. At 170° you will need to be "danger close" to the person in front of you in order to get good shots. Who wants to eat roost all the time???


    Update: Just listened to B-Rod's video with the foam on the mic, will definitely have to try that as it sounds pretty good.
  6. deminimis

    deminimis I Eat Glue

    Jun 18, 2007
    Down in the pig mine.
    I have a brand new GoPro Hero2 and it won't even turn on. This is not unheard of. In fact, a Google search will bring up a number of hits suggesting it's an almost common problem. I think it's a testimony to GoPro's cheap quality. If GP does not provide a replacement, I'll buy something else (Contour, or...), despite the fact I have a brand new battery bac for the GP (opened it and charged batt before discovering the Hero2 problem, thus not able to return).
  7. oalvarez

    oalvarez Resident Raggamuffin

    Dec 16, 2007
    CA HWY 2
    owned the GP Hero first (original) and now own the Contour GPS. nothing new here, but i prefer the Contour simply for its ease of use and nothing more. that and the ease of mounting it to the side of my helmet.
  8. mspa

    mspa Been here awhile

    Jun 22, 2012
    Bend, OR
    I see it's been months since the last post, so I figure I'd resurrect the thread considering new gear is coming out.

    After reviewing pros and cons of Contour and GoPro, I'm planning on getting the new Hero3 Black that is coming out at the end of this month.

    The price points on the new Hero3 camera's are $199 (White), $299 (Silver) and $399 (Black). The Black comes with wifi remote ($80 accessory), has 12 mp, 2x sharp (better lens), and better audio. Classed as a professional model, as opposed to the Silver (Prosumer) and White (Consumer). When you look at the extra cost to go "Pro", it makes sense to me. I don't want a camera that in a year or more, I'll look back and wish I spent the extra money.

    The variety of accessories is a plus for me, as well as, having the remote I can put on my control grip, is a bigger plus. I think that's safer and more convenient than having to reach to the button on the Contour.
  9. deminimis

    deminimis I Eat Glue

    Jun 18, 2007
    Down in the pig mine.
    I see I never posted a follow-up to my above post. Go Pro was ultra quick on the trigger and sent me a replacement camera even though I didn't have a receipt (it was a gift). Used the camera in Moab and it worked great.


    About the only things I don't like is the fish eye lens and the lack of remote, but not enough of an issue to spring for the new H3 when it comes out. Oh, that and I look like a Teletubby.