Converting a GSA tail to a GS tail on a 2003 1150 GSA

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by Brynjolfr, Jan 28, 2013.

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    I never understood why the think tank at BMW put the tails on the 1150 GS's the way that they did. You would think that the Adventures would have the 2 part seats with the under pillion seat lock box but, alas, they did not. I love my bike but it has been a constant annoyance that I can't put all the same gear on my bike that someone with a standard GS can. So, I have been doing some research on the subject and it appears that all that is required is a new tail assembly minus the frame parts. From the Internal Parts Breakdown structure I have found, the frame is the same its just the rest of the hardware that is different.
    I was wondering if anyone had ever done a conversion like this before? I've, also, been searching high and low for anyone parting out an 1150 GS or somewhere to get the parts. Before I take my GSA seat in to be recovered, I'm hoping to do this conversion. Since we moved out into the "country" and have 7 miles of dirt road to get home, the girlfriend doesn't want to ride on the back. Doing that ride twice a day with the talcum powder conditions that build up throughout the day makes the route a bit sketchy at times, especially at 5 am before the sun is up enough to be able to see the road that well, so I am working to get my little, chubby, girl into a more aggressive stance. So, I'm looking for suggestions as to tires, as well. Every time I get new tires, the sales people tell me that they have some tires that are aggressive but will last longer on the pavement so I try them out. They are never as good in the dirt as I remember the knobbies on my dirt bikes being. As I told my father, "the other tires may not last as long but it doesn't matter if I don't want to ride the bike to work because of the road conditions." I drive my 1500 Ram truck to work every day otherwise and I can fill the tank on the truck and go about 300 miles. I can do the same on the GSA and get the same distance. Difference being that my truck takes 25 gallons to fill and the GSA takes about 6.6 gallons.
    So, I'm willing to take any and all advise that folks might have!

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    I know a few folks have gone the opposite route. I think Mike O had a two piece saddle on his Adventure. But, I could be wrong.

    Nope it's here:

    Knock off a PM to MikeO.
    He will have all the details.
    I'm short so I need the narrower single piece ADV saddle.