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    Didn't see all the commotion above when I made one of the origional posts...

    I am planning for 50$/day or less and think it's quite viable. The truth? Like you, my expenses are limited and the more I save the longer I go. I do have money in reserve for whatever, but I hope to keep that provided no unseen expenses arrise. I understand the above may not cover tires and wear items.

    I'd also suggest keeping the bike near stock. The money I'm putting into my bike is for comfort, reliablity, and durability. And a little extra for fun, like a new carb. The rest is comfy seat, luggage rack and bags, and steel subframe. Then again a XR650R isn't really in need of more power.... :huh

    I plan on bringing all the stuff I brough to Baja with exception of more clothes, a few more tools, and some electronics. I've narrowed my dual sport pack down to include most of the stuff I need so just need to pack up and see where I'm at now. I'll be staying as light and compact as possible since 50% of the trips fun is the riding, in my opinion. Hence why I'm starting with Baja again and then searching for the roads less traveled.

    Here's where camping will save me /day money, but still leave me with extra to crash at Hostels from time to time. I'm not really looking for the party atmosphere so that can really tire me. Getting away from people and meeting locals and interacting is more interesting then the get drunk every night and town-town travel aspect.

    I do need to iron out some major items yet but as soon as those are done and my bike is reassembled I'd be willing to pull the trigger whenever. I think it might have to wait till October, but if I ride out here it's gotta be sooner. I'd be wanting to ride the divide down if that's the case and do it on a shoe string budget.