Could this be a good trials/trail crossover bike?

Discussion in 'Trials' started by WildDuke, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. DrKayak

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    Mar 2, 2010
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    I see the Free Ride best suited for very hard technical trails. Extreme Enduro stuff. Non-pro riders are racing in the Red Bull Romaniacs exteme enduro on the Free Ride and doing better than they used to do on traditional enduro bikes. Ther are other reports from Europe of guys out riding their buddies on the extreme stuff with their new Free Ride.

    Sure, top riders can ride extreme stuff on a 450exc or 300exc. But most riders would benifit from a lower, lighter, and smooth low-end power when the trail gets extreme.

    I want one for extreme stuff in the High Sierra that I currently ride on a Beta Trials bike. Trials that I would not risk going over a cliff on my 450exc. With a plate, seat and longer range the Free Ride should be a great upgrde.

    As a gerneral purpose trail bike, ripping around easy stuff at a OHV area. Any above average rider would have more fun on a 450exc. The Free Ride would be a good "wife bike" for easy stuff.
  2. anonny

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    Mar 20, 2007
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    Come to Revelstoke and we will show you the point :D I ride a trials bike on the nasty single track and a KDX 220 in the open, this would allow me to go down to just 1 dirtbike...... well kinda :rofl
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    I'm sure it really comes down to how you want to ride and where you want to take it -- whether you need one bike to do many jobs, as I suppose most of us eventually do, at some point. I just couldn't see any advantage over putting trials tires on a 300 EXC.

    It seems to have found a niche. Just not for me. But, at 6'4", I'd probably feel pretty ridiculous teetering around on top of it anyway.
  4. caryder

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    The big diff is the Explorer is a trials bike with a long ride kit on it, otherwise same motor & GBx as their trials bike. Freeride is a lighter frame with a detuned 350f motor. Completely different approaches aimed at a trail ride market. Both will excel in different areas. The Ossa will be like a trials bike except with a seat in the way when you don't want it.

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    May 2, 2013
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    I rode a brand new X-Ride this past weekend. Feels very trials oriented. Small a light, springy just like a trials bike. I may buy one next year
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    Tuesday evening at the Northern Colorado Trail Riders monthly meeting I saw a new Sherco 290cc Trail/Trials bike. It's street legal in Europe and came with turn signals. No battery but, brake light and a fan for water cooling. It weighed 203 lbs. Was a 5 speed and had a 1.85 gallon tank. The frame reminded me of the Gas Gas Pampera layout. Fork tubes were black, seat was comfy and it had passenger pegs. Wheelbase is in between enduro and trials. It came with trials type tires and a $7,900.00 price tag. Skid plate instead of frame tubes under the engine. The 2-stroke trials engine is actually a 270cc but, the sticker says 290.:wink:
    Very interesting!
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    Oct 1, 2011