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    Nov 24, 2010
    Roughly 3 weeks and the DAKAR will be on , while others are sinking in the snow :D as I do here in Canada.
    As sponsorship for privateers is harder than the actual race I like to bring the attention to my friends website.
    Ingo Waldschmidt DAKAR 2013 Starter 101

    The first Namibian Rider ever in the Dakar who classified 38th in 2011 and 52nd in 2009

    <sup> </sup>Ingo Waldschmidt will compete in this years DAKAR 2013 with the starter Number 101.

    Dear ADV Rider friends please give him a "like " on his website linked to the facebook page ,
    and show you support for someone who is not riding in the first row and get Millions of sponsorship Dollars ,
    no your like will go towards a dedicated family man and Egg farmer who is getting up every morning and working hard and at the end of the day he might have some time for some fitness training .
    YOu can not imagine how tough it is ,scratching the dollars together in Africa for Sponsors for every Dakar and shipping his bike from South Africa to Paris and from there to South America.

    Thanks a lot my friends wishing everybody a merry Christmans and a safe ride where ever you are !

    PS: We got only 95 likes on his website , my goal is 1000 ! :clap

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    Oct 12, 2012
    Ingo is one of the most amazing guys on the racing scene - quiet, logical, insanely organised and a master of sand. His wife Lisa is fantastic fun, and hugely supportive. I am really really proud to say that Ingo is on the same team as the Zambia rider, David Reeve - and I am even more lucky to say that both of them will not doubt be shouting at me sometime/somewhere or somehow during Dakar as they have kindly let me go with them as the general dogsbody for the team.:clap
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    Oct 4, 2006
    gone RTW...
    Competing in Dakar is tough and as a privateer it takes in-human efforts to finish one succesfully.

    Go Ingo .. Go !!!!