Couple questions - 1st gear problem? / Hotter than normal?

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    1. Problem? Potential problem or "A KTM thing"?

    12 990R, Not sure if it matters but put FP levers on, bike has maybe 250 miles. When first start riding the clutch seems to engage strong in first, no problems. After riding for a bit, in first then feels as though it doesn't engage until late in the travel clutch seems to drag, engage more gradually, less strong. Last ride I noticed the clutch had a slight rattle when the clutch was in too.

    I checked the fluid which is full.
    I will try different adjustments for the lever as it feels like it may not come out all the way with it closer in to the grip.
    I plan on a Rekluse EXP so may be non issue once that's done.

    2. Got the headers ceramic coated for longterm protection and intent to keep things cooler and noticed that the fan comes on 3 bars below max when sitting. Didn't pay attention too much pre coating as to when it came on. Is this what others are seeing with the regular headers? Seemed to work pretty good on my GSA (though them being out in the open air might have helped).

    Get things on mind of mods and just go with it. Plan on working things out but any suggestions (just ride it right?) from the masses is appreciated.