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    the end of july, i started what i hoped to be an RTW! i started from washington, dc, drove to toronto, canada, flew with the bike to frankfurt, germany. then drove to russia through czech republic, poland, and ukraine to meet my friends in rostov-on-don in russia. long story short, few days later i crashed just outside of saratov on the way to kazakhstan border. a mini bus cut me off and i slammed into the back door. due to extensive damage to the bike, my injuries, and hard to meet schedule for the kyrgyzstan-china group border crossing, i had to call it off!
    i'm weighing the best option to get the bike out of russia as the temporary import certificate is valid for 3 months. the first option is to ship the bike to europe and for that i need information about shipping companies in russia, what paperwork required, and weather i have to be with the bike during border crossing?
    the second option is to repair the bike and ride it to europe. i'm riding metallic orange 2010 BMW F800GS i just bought for this trip. the front of the bike is totally damaged and require a lot of parts. i need help finding the most cost-effective way to get the parts, maybe if somebody has wrecked F800GS and willing to sell me the parts i need. any help is greatly appreciated!

    the following is the list of the parts i need:

    Front Bridge Assembly
    Front Panel Carrier
    Front Wheel Cover
    Headlight Cover with Glass

    i appreciate your help,
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    are these part descriptions per the catalogue or yours,be clear and be detailed,also be sure you need them to continue donot want to know later that they were not a ride stopper.
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    Well, 3 months have gone by....

    Did you fix the bike? There are folks in Moscow (Tony P comes to mind) that could help you with what sounds like non-essential pieces of plastic. Either that or just get some duct tape.

    Go see my thread:

    if you are interested....