Creepiest experience while camping or riding

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    I know this isn't a camping story but when you mentioned coming close to evil I wanted to put my story out there.

    So a few years ago maybe '09(you can google his name to find the actual date) we lived 15 minutes out of the town of Ava Missouri. We lived in a small valley(holler). Our closest neighbors at the time lived maybe half a mile down the road, our properties separated by a pretty good size bluff. These neighbors Chris and Johanna were your pretty standard rural citizens, had some land maybe 10 acres with 20% of it wooded or so, a couple dogs and some chickens. We had eaten dinner over at their house once or twice he even let me ride his yamaha banshee! Well sometime that fall a female bartender doesn't show up for her shift Monday night. The last time somebody saw her was Friday when she was closing down the eagles lodge where she worked. Some time later southern Missouri had a rash of tornados blow through. Chris worked as an emt in the next county over and was trying to get home from an all nighter and some trees had been up rooted on the road to his house(and ours) so my dad, brother, mom, and myself grab the chainsaws, tractor, and the farm truck to head down the road to help Chris clear the trees so he can get home. While we were working he kept striking up conversation with my mother, no big deal right? My mother was a blonde , more attractive woman for her age. Well a few weeks later my mom and sister are driving home and meet Chris on his way into town. He then pulls his truck ACROSS The road to block the entire street gets out of his truck walks to my moms car to talk. The have an awkward conversation and then head their separate ways. My mom felt super creeped out by this entire encounter and later told my dad and I about it. So a few nights later the Sheriff comes knocking on our door asking if the could run k9's on our property looking for a body. So we let them look and of course they don't find anything. Not a week later we hear that Chris was arrested and charged with the murder of the eagles lodge bar tender! That evening chris hangs himself in the county jail with his underwear waste band! Upon further investigation it turns out that dna of the woman's body were found in a shallow grave on his property, in his freezer(from which I had eaten food), and in his truck! Her full remains have yet to be found. What's even scarier is that chris was connected to three other murders in two other states. All of which were blonde women in their 40s. So it turns out that I have spent time in the company of evil and that my mother could have been his next victim.

    His name was Chris Revak

    Look him up
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    I grew up in the Ozark Mountains, in Stone County near the Arkansas border. Pretty rugged country, even now. Back when I was about 13 my best friend and I decided to go camping as we often did. We packed our gear and backpacked to the back 40 of my uncles farm (about 4 or 5 miles) to our favorite camping spot. Trees scattered around and a stream. We set up camp but when we decided to turn in that night we decided to sleep under the stars instead of in our tents. We looked at the stars and talked until we both dozed off. The next morning I was awakened by something soft and wet on my forehead. I opened my eyes and just above my face, about 5 or 6 inches away were two eyes. Big brown eyes. Bear! I almost tore my sleeping bag up getting away from that. Turned out it was a cow that was investigating what I was. Scared the cow pretty bad too, a 13 year old boy screaming and thrashing around. This event was told at family gatherings for years for entertainment.

    Doug from Kentucky
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    I was trail riding in Florida one summer day. Hot, palmettos, sandy trail and vast quantities of scrub pines. I took an offshoot trail and it started to get narrow and close into a clump of palmetto bushes. I could see daylight on the other side of what looked like a clearing so I blasted in. There was no opening in this clearing and what I thought was daylight turned out to be a HUGE nest of banana spiders! These evil looking things have a black and yellow body with huge spiny legs. They can get to be pretty big in size. I don't like spiders to begin with and now I'm in a huge nest of them! They are crawling up my arms and legs and all over my face shield. Web material is everywhere! the bike stalled and I'm freaking out. I got it started and blasted a whole through the palmetto wall. I couldn't get off the bike quick enough! Tore off my helmet and jacket in a panic. Gawd I hate those spiders.
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    No story. It's a fake. The tom was photoshopped in the pic.

    Here's the real pic of the tom captured by a trail cam:
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    Damnit, let down by the internet again.
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    Damn!!:ddog I shoulda' known better!
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    Would have needed a new sleeping bag after that, and underwear too.

    Great topic, keep the stories coming!
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    When we were kids we would ride in the woods a few miles from my house. We would always find these small packages wrapped up in what looked like a white diaper on the sides of the trail. A few times we poked them with sticks and sometimes they were filled with feces, other times, mashed potatoes. Wasn't sure what any of this was till one evening just as it was getting dark. A fat, bald, weird looking guy came wandering out of the middle of the woods. As soon as he saw us he started shrieking and throwing his hands up in the air. And he just went walking off into the woods like that. We could hear his shrieks for at least a half hour after he disappeared. Sometimes we'd be riding a trail and he would just appear out of nowhere occasionally holding one of the white packages. Really creepy. But every time he saw us he would start with his shrieking again. Found out that a mental hospital backs up to the woods, and this is where he was coming from. I remember one time there was a few of us kids and we tried to follow him but he kept going deeper and deeper into the woods. We chickened out when he turned around shrieking and gave us this really bizarre look. A few days later we were in the same area and found a type of lean-to shelter made in the area he was when we followed him. He might have been trying to lure us to it or something, I'm not sure.

    Last year when I moved back to NY I went hiking in the woods to see how my old riding place had changed. And on the side of the trail? A small white diaper.
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    That's Gearwhore snoring.
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    We were single tracking in South East Ohio with about 5 other riders. Though I didn't know it at the time, this is Sasquatch country: dozens of sightings have been reported in that exact area.

    We had stopped to trek back to an abandoned home. Many years ago it had been a beautiful place, VERY secluded and inaccessible by any means but by foot. I was fascinated by the overgrown ruins, though the others quickly moved on. I stayed back to examine the place more thoroughly. The other group was perhaps a half mile back the trail. It was dead quiet.

    All of a sudden I was overcome by a FREEZING feeling. Never felt anything like that in my previous 55 years (including combat). Absolutely chilling and I had no idea why. Then it came as a shock to me: I was being watched. Scared the living shit outta me. The feeling was SO powerful....

    I must've broken Olympic records as I hauled-ass outta there. I never saw anything watching me, but the premonition was overwhelming. A year later I read about the high number of Sasquatch sightings (which, btw, I thought was total BS). Now..... I dunno........
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    :rofl That's why I don't show up to many local events. Eventually I'd make enough friends that I'd get sucked into going to some rally that at night sounds like a lumber mill. Then of course I wouldn't get any sleep and then I'd crash the next day due to being sleepy. The whole lot of you will be the end of me!!!!

    On a serious note. After doing some audio research and blind testing my buddies and I are reasonably convinced it's the sound of ruffled grouse as posted by someone else earlier in the thread. We have been around mechanical stuff all our lives and just the way it sounds is so machine like that it had not even crossed our minds that it would be a damn bird.
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    Was camping down the hilll from South Lake in the eastern Sierra, meeting up people the next day for a backpack over Bishop's Pass.
    I was sleeping in the back of my truck, under a camper shell with the flip up open. Sometime late that night I heard some rustling around the bumper. I had one of those small ice chests with the lid that rotates over and locks and for some dumb reason had left it under the back of the truck. Still half asleep I lunged towards the open camper door and started banging on the wheel well thinking it was a raccoon or some other critter. All of a sudden these big round ears rise up, silhouetted against the sky, then a big head. We stared at each other for a second from a distance of about 3 feet then he turned and lumbered off across the road. The next morning I checked out the ice chest and there was a set of claw marks on the lid.

    Met up with friends the next day and hiked over the pass. We set up camp and I crashed at the tent - I was coming down with the intestinal yuck. I was sharing a tent, fell asleep and was woken up by a snuffling sound at the side of the tent, about 2 feet up. Not again! I had a brand new, expensive backpack and for some reason I was more worried about it getting ripped up (even though there was nothing that would attract a bear) than getting a face full of bear. I flew out of the tent, yelling. Didn't see anything. Apparently, that was the last straw and I started throwing up outside the tent, then laid on a rock for a bit. After about 5 minutes I felt sprinkles - bear, barf and now I was getting rained on! Geesh. The next day my friend and I told everybody what happened and they said "marmots". Yeah, right. Apparently marmots are several feet tall over Bishop's Pass......

    Not so much creepy, but a little adrenaline going. Probably the creepiest was when a banana slug made its way onto my face in the middle of the night on a backpack in Big Sur....
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    Some stories are creepy, some are hillarious but all are reallly fun to read! Keep posting.

    Back in 2004, I went to the Okanagan valley in BC, Canada. I set up my tent in a small campground of a small town. It was early in the season, about 10% of the campsites were occupied. As I was setting up my camp the "neighbour" came to me to say hi and have chat. Nice, sympatic guy, talking exactly like Chong (from Cheech and Chong obviously) but looking trashy, like out of the garbage.
    This guy look a lot better :D

    Later that night at about 10 pm I was slowly falling asleep when the same guy came to my campsite and ask me through the the tent : "Hey man I need your help maaaaaaan"
    Me: "wo, what's going on, what do you want?"
    Strange guy: "Well, do you have a lighter, cuz mine's is dead and I really need one."
    Maybe I should have told I didn't have one, but no.
    I my mind I was saying: If I give U the lighter, youre better leave me the f... alone, I don't know you and I wanna sleep.

    So, thinking it was the fastest and easy way to get rid of the weirdo I unzip the tent and gave him the dam lighter. His big smile was saying : I'm the happiest guy in the world. And then he said : " I warm this thing up, I take the first hit and then it's on to you"
    Me: "eeeeeeee no thanks, good night" Ziiiiiiiip the tent.

    The weirdo was smoking crack!

    Despite that encounter, I had a very good night, and the best of all, the next morning, the lighter was on the table outside my tent!
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    I don't have a camping story, but a number of years ago in southern central Illinois in the area near my farm there were common bobcats and another more rare cat that was black and muscular looking with a long tail, the locals called them panthers. The authorities deny their existence, but I saw them along with a number of other people. Any way I grew up in town but began to hear all these stories about people being paced by these cats when they walked through the woods at night. So late in the afternoon I was working outside on the house and my wife left to run quickly into town. Out there alone I suddenly heard this cat scream like a woman being mugged. It was so close it made the hair on my arm stand up. When my wife came back I was working on a different project inside the house and when asked why I wasn't outside I had to sheepishly explain why. I know a fox can make a sound similar to that, but that night I just knew It was a large wild cat.
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    I have heard the scream of a mountain lion (Puma, wildcat, whatchacallit) too, and it is the most terrifying sound I ever heard! It gave me chills, and I heard it from a ways away and I was inside my house! I've heard it described as sounding like a "scream from a woman"; more like a scream from an alien!
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    Not creepy, but enough to get the adrenaline going. Five days ago, I camped in Bruneau Dunes State Park in Idaho. I arrived an hour before sunset, so I rode on down to the dunes to do a little sunset and twilight photography and see what I could see. When I'd had my fill, I motored the mile back up to the campsight, which was rapidly getting dark. Later, some asshats with a bass boat on a trailer decided to set up two spots over with a helluva lot of noise and stupidity while I was trying to sleep, but until then, the place was utterly deserted. Not even the host was around.

    After stringing up my hammock in the last of the light, I figured I'd hike up to the entrance area and drop off my envelope of cash in the honor box. I'd heard coyotes calling to each other as I was setting up, but once it got fully dark, I realized that there were a LOT of coyotes out there, and they were in all directions. I hiked about a hundred yards before I realized the yelping was getting closer, I was really stupid, and the cash could wait for the safety of sunlight!

    I turned in and listened to the coyotes and owls and other typical night sounds, as well as the tards in the next site over. At some point in the night, I awoke to the feeling of something being "not right." The calls and yelps had stopped! Ruh roh... I was slightly groggy when something ran under the hammock and hit the line staking down the fly. There was a bit of a growl and a good "thud" when the coyote--driven off course by the impact--ran full-on into the pannier of my bike. I'll admit, I just about pissed myself as I was suddenly wide awake, swinging around like a moron-pinata waiting to get a bite taken out of it. I elected to hunch down in my fartsack and make believe that all would be right if I simply closed my eyes tight enough, though I'll admit that I entertained notions of running to the neighbor's bass boat and setting up in that sucker!
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    Not creepy in that sense, but certainly adrenalin raising

    About 20 years ago we were at our fishing camp-which is an old logging camp- at the the mouth of the Phillips river here in B.C.

    2 friends and I decided to row across the river to check out the Indian midden that was somewhere on the other side.

    Tom and I walked up the rough trail away from the river, while Dave lagged behind, maybe taking a piss or something.
    We went about 100 ft or so up the trail and stopped to wait.

    I turned around and nearly had a heart attack as I saw a grizzly standing watching at us- maybe 40 ft away. We had walked about 20 ft in front of it as we walked up the trail.

    Tom and I were nearly shitting ourselves, all we had for protection was the road flare I had in my pocket. Suddenly Dave called from down the trail asking where we were. We yelled Stop! Bear! He yelled What? Beaaar!!

    The bears head swung to listen to Dave then back to us, then he turned and walked away back from the direction he had come.

    We scooted back to our boat ecstatic at surviving this sure death experience.

    That was the freaky part, but this is the cool part- when we were safely in the boat we rowed along the river and watch the bear lumbering along the shore. After a few minutes I saw something white down stream, heading along the river toward the bear.

    As it got closer I could see it was a dog- no, it was a wolf, a white wolf.

    Holy shit! Wait until this bear sees the wolf, there's going to be a fight or something, I was thinking. I got my camera ready to record this National Geographic moment.

    The bear would walk along the shore, stop and turn and face us, then walk some more. The wolf got closer until it walked right in front of the bear, stopped and walked back in front of it again, stopped and looked back as if to say " are you coming?" The bear and the wolf walked off together and up a trail and were gone.

    We couldn't believe what we saw. I took some pics with my 35 mm, but with the lens I had -and with me not being a National,Geographic caliber photographer- the resulting images were tiny and not very impressive.

    I told some old timers about this when we got home, and was told that sometimes an old bear will hang out with an old wolf that can't keep up with his pack, and they will scavenge together. Sounds good to me.
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