cruiser to dual sport?

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  1. btv5150

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    Feb 10, 2013
    hey guys got a question for you. I currently have a cruiser, and recently have been very tempted to purchase a dual sport. Have any of you been in the same boat? My fear is that I will sell my bike and regret not having any more. I would love to have 2 bikes but my budget just can't do it. I would love to hear your feedback. Thanks
    I currently have a 09 shadow 750. And leaning towards the wr250r
  2. Blue&Yellow

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    Jan 31, 2010
    If it's only a money issue and not a space issue you could pick up a second hand DR350 or DR400 very cheaply and try it out. Or you could sell the shadow and buy a second hand DRZ400 and see how you like it before committing more money.

    The WR250R is a fantastic little bike from what I've read, I would love to have one! But it's not the cheapest one to buy on a whim.

    Overall though I definitely think dual-sports are way more fun than cruisers, you should try it.

    Only downside compared to cruisers is that ladies rarely are that impressed by a 10 year old DS bike with dirt allover.... and two-up is seldom that great on a 250 lol.
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    Find a bike dealer or a ? that will rent a small Dual sport for a weekend and just ride it,everywhere you want to go.:D:D I would look for some thing to buy, thats small and cheap as a first DS .:D:D as you may find it suck's and you need to sell it .
  4. SloMo228

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    Sep 22, 2012
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    Just get both, or sell your current cruiser and buy a cheap DS and a cheapish cruiser.

    Aside from my project bikes, I have a '78 GL1000 (which isn't a cruiser, really, but it's still a long way from a DS) that cost me $400 to purchase and probably another $800 to restore to good riding condition, and a DR350 that I got for the princely sum of $650. You can have two bikes cheap. I think if you added up the cost of all the bikes I've ever owned it would still be far less than one new bike.
  5. b1pig

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    Jan 16, 2013
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    not exactly the boat you're in... but...

    i sold a 2000 ZX-7 and bought a '08 KLR 650. i wanted a larger displacement bike. glad i got what i did. wanted something that could haul a load and return decent comfort and performance on the long hauls. i also could not afford to buy another and keep the -7.

    i'm very happy with what i got. the KLR cant come close to looking as good or remotely fast as the -7 was, but i am LOVING this bike.

    i have regretted every time i sold a bike leaving me bikeless. if you're bored with the one you have now. change it.
  6. 8lives

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    Jan 16, 2012
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    I think road bikes are pretty nifty,but if you get a dual sport all those dirt roads will now be your extended riding area,and I find my riding skills on the road become more tuned because you'll feel the bike doing things out in the dirt under you that it never does on the street,not sure if that makes sense but you will see if you get a dual sport,like the other fellow said see if you can rent or borrow one because they are a bit different than a smooth cruiser,if I could have 2 bikes 1 would be a street and 1 dual but as I can only have 1 bike it's always a dual sport!
  7. B-Rod

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    Jul 28, 2007
    I went from riding old bikes since I was 18, and then to a brand new V Strom. That led to a KTM 640 Adv, for off road travel, which led to the purchase of a KTM 525, and now a 530. No looking back for me, although I'd like a 70's Guzzi back in the stable when I bump into the right one. The new direction has been more fun than I ever could have imagined. Do it, you can always go back.
  8. ALinUTAH

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    Apr 5, 2011
    Wasatch county
    I got started on a cruiser too. Bought a small DS and love it so much I'm shopping for a wee strom to more or less replace the cruiser.

    It depends on where you live and how you ride. Here in the west I can go in any direction for a week on dirt, so that's how I travel now. I don't have much interest in riding highways anymore. The wee will be for touring 2-up on the forest roads and the 250 is for the tougher stuff and solo. I don't think the cruiser will get much love now, but with 55k miles on the clock it's not worth anything so Ill keep it.

    If you live in a concrete jungle then YMMV.

    I think if I had to choose one bike it would probably be a DR650. Al
  9. Hog86r

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    Dec 13, 2012
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    Some years ago, I ended up with a Yamaha V star 1100 quite by chance and rode it some but it really didnt blow up my skirt. Sold it and went bikeless for a few years and bought a dual sport to ride with my kid and grand kid off road.

    In short, it opened up a whole new world for me. I LOVE it. I have a yamaha wr250r and i cannot say enough good things about it.

    As mentioned by others, it really depends on you. If you have lots of backroads and trails to ride and are into the outdoors and dont like a lot of traffic, maybe a DS is for you. I love the feeling of independence you get when you can hop on the bike at home and wind up anywhere you have gas and time to go to and still go check out a pig trail when the urge hits you.

    I knew after about an hour in the saddle I had found my passion.
  10. damasovi

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    Nov 8, 2006
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    Hi amigo, well I am like you but the other way around from dp to a cruiser? maybe.

    here is what I like about my DP (Kawasaki KLR)
    a) great comfort for me,
    b) can carry a lot of crap (once you put the luggage and racks)
    c) fast enough (I do not need to go 100+ mph)
    d) good mpg (always over 45 mph) a big tank = big range (over 200 miles before reserve),
    e) super after market for what ever I do not like.
    f) Ground clearance! I see my cruiser friends slowing down for the twistis since they will hit the road and scrape the floor boards so easy, I can lean more and go faster and no problems. also they also have to slow down for potholes.
    g) don't care about the paint, chrome or cleaning it! only chain and cable maintenance.
    h) i like the low noise.
    i) easy to pick up

    Why I want a cruiser
    a) wife or back seat companion does not enjoy 5+ hrs on the back banana seat.
    b) they look so cool
    c) I need another bike! lol!!!
    d) they are heavier so wind won't affect you as much as with the lighter bikes (such as the KLR)

    So I am saving my dollars and I do have several friends that could lend me their bikes so I can ride them, if that does not happend I will do what they advice you, rent one! yeah it might cost me 200-300 but that is a lot cheaper than buying it! 10,000? yes I like them new, because I do not like to sell them, I like to keep them as long as I can.

    The WR is a great bike but very tall (even for a KLR rider) you will notice that just by looking at it. You will not like the 2x4 it has for a seat, but other than that you just my love it! how tall are you? if you are under 5'10" I would say, LOWERING LINKS, I am 5'8" and I do not touch the ground with any feet, not even one! it is too tall for me, the KLR has a 35 in. seat height and I am just ok on level ground, off road I need all the skill I have develop over time.

    I hope this was useful

  11. Off the grid

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    Jan 3, 2008
    That buzzing in your earhole, NorCal.
    I enjoy road riding, but it in no way compares to the outright nirvana of riding dirt with friends. The fun quotient cannot be understated.
  12. Nesquik

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    Sep 18, 2012
    First off, to each his own.

    But honestly, there are dual sports who are nearly as good if not better at being a "Cruiser" than some cruisers....

    There are not cruisers that would be a better dual sport than a dual sport. :rofl
  13. jon_l

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    Feb 8, 2008
    Collingwood, Ontario
    OP - fill out your profile so folks know what continent you're on. Not much info in your post for the collective to make relevant suggestions.

    Do you ride alone, or with friends? If the latter, what do they ride?

    Do you ride solo, or 2-up? Most dual sports suck at 2-up. Those that don't suck 2-up tend to suck at off-road.

    If you avoid interstate highways anyway, a dual sport is less of a handicap.

    Do you tour long-distance, perhaps with camping gear, or day-trip from home?
  14. RED CAT

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    Jun 2, 2005
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    Probably won"t be very happy going from your Cruiser to a 250 Dualsport. IMHO you'd be way better off going to a larger displacement Dualsport, at least a 650 of some sort or even a larger twin Dualsport. What you have to realize is even though you think you'll do a lot of dirt you will still be doing plenty of pavement to get there. You'll tire of a buzzy, little 250 pretty quick after owning a 750.
  15. btv5150

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    Feb 10, 2013
    sorry about the profile. I will get right on that. Well I use to ride with a buddy he had a sportbike. He doesnt ride anymore so I ride solo now. 30 percent of that time is two up with my wife. when I ride with her its usually 30 minute scenic cruises. Her butt can't take much more than that. when im solo and on a mission I usually take the highway ( 30-60 min). But other than that i cruise back roads. I dont take anything with me. And if i did, a backpack could handle it.
    I use to play around on snowmobiles as a kid, and I love being free racing around the woods. So I guess I'm trying to accomplish that. if I could I would just buy a dirt bike but I don't have a truck. Hence the reason for a dual sport.
    I am 5'8 with a 32-33 inseam. Is that too short for the wrr?

    thank you for all your help spread far guys. I really appreciate it
  16. plugeye

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    May 11, 2007
    Garland, Texas
    i did 7 years ago & will never go back to street bikes.
    started with a 500 & 650, now a 350. just keeps getting more fun. less crap to worry about, suspension is competant & the fuel economy is pretty decent
  17. RFVC600R


    Dec 16, 2011
    My buddy rides a vulcan 900 or something, and he has been in envy of my XL600 since he got whooped up by my old honda coming home from work one night. he said he was going 98 and I "flew " past him. :D I wasn't looking at my speedo though

    Get an 80's dual sport and upgrade the suspension! cant go wrong!
  18. DuctTape

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    Sep 12, 2011
    Bingo! After getting my KTM 990 my Roadking Classic didn't leave the barn for over a year and is now in someone elses garage and a KTM 690 will be in mine tomorrow.

    The KTM 990 is hands down a better tourer/road bike then the Harley would ever be and the 690 will be my day tripper.