Ct police state pushing through plans to degrade Pachaug State Forest

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    Feb 10, 2010
    Very rarely does one go out of business in CT. , that and pizza restaurants. :beer
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    Nov 18, 2007
    I have emailed my complaints through NETRA and AMA... what else can I do?

    As a lifelong resident I would just like to be able to ride my dirt bike as this state eats itself into a pile of feces.

    Since I am poor at keyboarding I won't get into all the details of this absolutely retarded choice for the cops "Rambo Zone" but considering all the already raped land in this state that is now vacant... choosing an "open space" state forest... c'mon! This isn't one of the Dakotas... we are too small to surrender any undeveloped land.

    And anyone who is thinking "oh we will get some go around", or " it won't be that bad " is delusional. The State gov taxes and confiscates and never gives back. One thing the CT gov is very good is being manipulated by powerfull elitists that have a culture bias against those who engage in anything as "low brow " as trail riding or dirt bikes.

    Are the bird watchers or tree huggers going crazy over this?

    Again any suggestion as to what else can be done?
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    personal interaction with your rep and your senator. a phone call goes a long way.
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