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    Hey just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

    my name is Tim. I am a racer in arenacross, supermoto, roadracing, minbikes, and just about anything else that I can find time to compete in. I am not new to motorcycling and I have a ton of friends all over the west coast that can vouch for me. I am a straight shooter and am here to help.

    The suit brand is new, but the factory and quality is certainly not. These suits are made in the same factory as many other suits you can buy on the shelf at bike shops. I trust these suits and race in them myself.

    my email is I make a whopping $50 per suit sold.. i am not getting rich by doing this... but I hope that people like Adam and others will continue to recommend the suits to people so that I can slowly make money through volume sales. Every penny goes right back into my race efforts... so you are not only getting a great custom suit at a fraction of the cost of the other companies, but you also are supporting a local privateer racer.

    Thank you again Adam, look forward to racing with you in Vegas in a couple weeks.
    -Tim Weig

    I raced and pitted with Tim last year and he is a blast to deal with.
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    I looked at the website. Definitely very competitive price, especially for a custom cut to your size. However, the website doesn't let you build your suit per say. Is it still not complete?

    How would you describe the leather suppleness in comparison to brands like dainese or rs-taichi?