Custom sizing, custom colors, and videos with a cute girl.

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    Oct 23, 2008
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    The Down T-Shirts have been very popular, so I'm going to expand the line and offer new colors besides gray. Probably blue, yellow, green and black. Maybe orange, purple or mocha too. Customer demand will be the deciding factor, so speak up! Also, custom sizing will now be available. All I will need are your waist, chest, neck and bicep dimensions, and your custom-sized Down T-Shirt will arrive from Japan in about 3 weeks.

    Finally, since it's difficult to demonstrate some of the products by myself while taking pictures, I hired a cute girl to be my official Breezy Brigade model. You can see the video of her demonstrating the Down T-Shirt here.

    ...and her demonstrating the Max-Pax (external wallet that transforms into a backpack) here.

    See y'all on the road!