customs brokerage?

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by freewill, Nov 19, 2012.

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    I'm trying to get my bike shipped. Shipping companies want to charge me for customs brokerage and "export documents". Most of the documents that customs wants to see, I need to carry and show myself (passport, ownership paper, etc). I have to front up to customs with documents to negotiate tax myself. Why would I want customs brokerage? Anyone know about this? How many of you folks pay for customs brokerage?
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    best to know where you're shipping from and to. Some countries are easier than others.
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    Right On, fight the power and then get back to us how your bike is still custom's for some piece of paper that wasn't filled.
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    to clear your mind,

    Shipping companies cannot obligate to you pay Custom broker through them. They can offer you one. However, if you want it to do by yourself you must really know what to do and which forms to fill and submit to Customs or you will losing time and money.
    I don't know if you want to export or import your vehicle and from which port in the U.S.
    Customs validation is process only after delivering the vehicle to the shipping line or the airport. and at least a couple or 3 of days before the 3 days mandatory custody of your bike at the shipping line.
    On the contrary if you are importing the bike to the U.S. do Customs as soon you receive the 'notice of arrival' from the shipping line or the consolidator.

    Talking about 'export documents' charges, the shipping company only can charge you for the BL ($35-$50) and AES , electronic file with the government, which is about ($45 - $75). If your vehicle market vlaue is less than $2,500 then an AES is not required but some Custom;s port ask for this anyway.
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    Shipping or importing anything from overseas can be a real hassle. I've tried to do it alone several times, and have been burned for more than a customs broker would have charged. The pricks on the docks have a bewildering schedule of fees (look up "demurrage fees" ) that begin to mount as soon as the cargo hits land. Most customs brokers have their own warehouses, and give you a reasonable amount of time to collect your stuff.

    It's not a simple process, in any event.