Cylinder Overboring - R90S Add'l Question

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    Thanks for all the replies. My friend has one question: where is the spigot measured to determine whether it is a small 97mm or a large 99mm spigot? Is it at the base or the largest point where it enters the engine case? As the bike was built in 10/75 he may be at the point of change over where BMW was using up what small spigot cylinders were left in inventory.

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    As I mentioned before, if it is a 10/75 production, it should be the large spigot.
    I also mentioned that the diameter of the pushrod tubes is also a determining factor.
    The 18 mm diameter is for the large spigot, the 16 is for the small spigot.
    Pretty easy to tell.
    16mm is close to 5/8"