Czech Republic - Austria Sept 1-7

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    Aug 22, 2011
    Hi all, new member. Great forum, I have been mining trip reports and suggested routes for a ride coming up very shortly now. Starting in Prague with a few days R&R without the bike, then starting Sept 1 circling from Prague - Cesky Krumlov - Salzburg (2 nights) - Graz - Vienna (2 nights) - Prague on Sept 7. The map I have so far is: f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Prague,+Czech+Republic&daddr=Cesky+Krumlov,+Czech+Republic+to:Salzburg,+Austria+to:Ennstal+Str./B320+to:Graz,+Austria+to:47.576526,15.600586+to:Vienna,+Austria+to:prague,+Czech+Republic&hl=en&geocode=FYNH_AId7AncACmLeXAJnJMLRzGQQBZmD68ABA%3BFd_K6AIdEG7aACl5GG4znF1zRzEg3xRmD68ABA%3BFdKD2QIdIjTHACmx1Aip3Zp2RzE99ypBoYPhwQ%3BFVol0wIdBJnQAA%3BFfo9zgIdkJbrACm7ZTAXhzVuRzGb3d_S0YqO_g%3B%3BFS6Z3wIdO9j5ACmfyjZRngdtRzFGW6JRiuXC_Q%3BFYNH_AId7AncACmLeXAJnJMLRzGQQBZmD68ABA&mra=dpe&mrsp=5&sz=8&via=3,5&doflg=ptm&vps=1&sll=47.827908,15.485229&sspn=3.226881,5.575562&vpsrc=6&ie=UTF8

    Couple questions:
    1. Is it easy to find hotels in the Cesky Krumlov - Salzburg - Graz legs? I will have a hotel booked in Prague and in Vienna but am leaving the other places open to give some flexibility in the plan. I saw the one report where the guy did a lot of pensions, are these really just as easy as driving up the afternoon you want to stay and asking if they have room? Can you find them near the city in Salzburg?
    2. On the route from Prague to Cesky, I have seen the desired route is to go up into the hills in the Sumava park, does it make the day driving from Prague to Cesky too long to loop over through there on the way down?
    3. Any suggestions on improving ride from Cesky to Salzburg?
    4. I'm pretty good I think from Salzburg to Graz and Graz to Vienna, thanks again for the posts.
    5. Final leg is one day from Vienna to Prague. Seems a bit of a drive and I will be dropping off the bike at the end of that day. Any recommendations on quick stops along the way? Maybe someplace for a nice lunch?
    6. Rather than 2 days in Salzburg, is it worth a run over to the Dolomites? So make it Salzburg - Dolomites - Graz?
    7. Parking in Vienna (and I imagine other cities?) hotels is expensive!!! EUR32 per day. Any ideas on avoiding parking? I could stay outside the city a bit, and then take public transit into the city to be a tourist?

    I like history, food, great views ... maximum I want to be on the bike is 4 hours per day. As you see I have a couple days in there off the bike.

    Thanks for any and all advice.
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    Oh hai!

    1) Český Krumlov is a well known tourist town (and it certainly is pretty) so the hotels might get either full or expensive, so you probably should try to book something prior to that. Though it's recession and September, right. If you can't find anything, České Budějovice is half-an-hour ride from Krumlov, and while it's not as pretty, it's also much bigger and you should be able to get accomodations there, should the need arise.

    And yes, "pensions" are just small hotels with no food, and cheaper. A lot of people with a two story house and kids who moved away rent a few rooms for a few nights.

    No idea about Austrian cities.

    2) definitely go through Šumava - the views are worth it, roads too. You might be used to better quality asphalt though.

    5) It's 340 km, so it's not that hard. But.

    Google maps and GPS and other navigation systems will probably suggest you route though Brno using D1 (highway 1) and then straight south to Wein. That's fastest allright, but Brno is the most boring town in Czech Republic, and D1 is the worst road we have (40 yaers old and made from panels so you get the same feeling like riding a train ... only worse). I would suggest you to take a different route through countryside, maybe through Tábor, Moravské Budějovice, Moravský Krumlov (yes, those are completely separate from České Budějovice and Český Krumlov :D ) and Znojmo maybe. But that also depends on whether you want to explore more on your last day, or whether you just want to go home.

    About food, I won't give you specifics, but try to stick to restaurants in small towns. They might not understand english but you might get authentic Czech food (for good or ill) and very cheap.

    EDIT: I just noticed the "four hours on bike max". I'm not sure about the Šumava and vaoding the boring and terrible higway thing. But I would probably still suggest exploring, since there are so many small towns, every town has a unique 200 - 600 years church and the only place that as more castles per square km than ČR is Scottland :evil
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    Austria "Mostviertel"
    your route looks like to be most on autobahn/high level roads, right? espesially the area between salzburg and graz is a perfect riding area. don´t waste that opportunity!
    also graz to vienna you could go north from graz to the mariazell area and from there east to vienna, some of the finest roads in the alps along that way.
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    Oct 18, 2005

    your map link doesn't seem to work, if you fix it I can give you some pointers on routing.
    As Seppo says, there's tons of great riding between Salzburg, Graz and Vienna if you take some smaller roads. Everything around Mariazell is great stuff.

    It's generally fine and safe to park your bike on the street in Vienna. Just remove your luggage and don't leave your helmet on the bike.
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    Sep 12, 2011

    I fully agree mate

    Český Krumlov is a very nice place to see. There are some cheap "Auto Camps" in Krumlov, just keep on the main road and you will see them on your left. Last time I slept there in a tent for free, owner was biker friendly guy