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    As mentioned on p2 by ADVMax, this happened to me and is well documented with photos and all, must be back in '08? '07 maybe? Beats me.
    Mine is a 2005.5, and I'm pretty sure the TSB for the rotor - loctite check included my year. Mine looked pretty much exactly like this thread.
    Had prolly ~10K miles (bought used in '07 with 1300 - not K miles on it) at the time.
    I changed the oil, after replacing the first stator ...and used the wrong Loctite. So I got to do it twice. Second time, I cried to Max and he suggested the... the... whatever the hell he said. (See p. 2 this thread.)
    After replacing the second replacement stator, I changed the oil and worried some more. Nothing happened except putting on more miles. And more tires. (Not sure the tires are related to the stator issue. But I could be wrong.)
    Anyways, my symptoms each time were very clear. (At least they were, if I had a clue.) The battery stopped holding a charge. Because it wasn't being charged by the alternator / charging system. D-uh!
    And because the copper windings on my stator were being shredded, minced and pulverized by the bolts that were not thread-locked properly and backed out of the rotor which was spinning round and ...I think I'm repeating myself.
    So, yeah, on a late-model 2005 / pre-release 2006. AKA 2005.5.
    And I used the same gasket.
    And it still doesn't leak.
    And I ain't goin' back in there unless I have to.
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    Just so I'm clear, the TSB relates to 03-04 bikes but the failures have been documented to 05.5 or 06. Presumably this would also be an issue on the SE (07-09)?
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    I just had the same thing on my 04. My dealer said my VIN wasn't in the range so the TB was never done. They are calling KTM to ask for a fix anyway. Mine has 15k miles. I also did the torque limiter and didn't check the bolts.
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    Yeah, I kind of felt the same way, someone said just re-torquing might actually beak the loctite that was there.. anybody else buy that?
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    The little I know about loctite when you brake it louse the bolt/nut is stell bound all the way out I Would think that it is not the end of it but what is there in to puling it all apart and re applying