Detune My RFS or?

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by sonic reducer, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. sonic reducer

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    I have a 2003 525EXC that I have been bringing back into a usable state. It is my only bike at this time. I ended up with this machine through a craigslist horsetrading type scenario, not my first choice of bike but it was the right deal to make and who doesn't secretly want a 525exc? I should probably be on something aircooled and japanese for how I ride, but I do love the fact that the ktm is the combination of lightweight, 6sp, electric start and kick, and incredibly lively to ride. On paper and at face value the bike is awesome. I've had an xr400 and a dr650 in the past, and this bike feels like the best of both, but a little better still albeit more raw and less stable than the DR. the dr650 seemed too heavy and cumbersome and had no kick start. the XR400 was about perfect for me but had no E start and with the stock carb it was a bitch to kick sometimes.
    I really love the 525 what very little I've ridden it. Here's the kicker- I think it may be just too hardcore for what I want which is a good amount of pavement, some fire road riding, wabdr/obdr type trips, 3 day weekend moto camping, and some general purpose short trips. I like the option of being fully capable of doing some singletrack here and there. something a xr600r, drz, dr350, xr400, or similar would be good at(bikes I was originally considering before the ktm fell in my lap). of course the ktm will do all these things, but with the oil change interval/capacity, crank spread, valve worries, and others have me wondering if there isn't a more practical alternative. One that would be more cost effective. being able to load it down and run a couple states away(DR650 style) without much hesitation or heartburn or a mid trip service would be a big big plus.
    I thought about trying to mold the ktm into a more streetable beast. cush hub, seat, charging system, lower CR piston, 400exc cam, oil cooler, steering dampener etc. It COULD be a great bike for me given the positives it already has, which the japanese bikes that would replace it can never, or at least not easily, have. I feel like I need to make a decision to either get out now or to keep sinking money into it to make it what I want, not an easy one to make. Has anyone else been here? Should I quit being a pussy and ride the ktm til the crank looks like a taco or sell it now?
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    Ride it, you will be surprised at how mellow it can be. It's all about wrist control. It's just as happy lugging along at walking speed through singletrack.

    Also, the numbers you hear about oil and valves are under race conditions. Change the oil, keep the air filter clean and check the valves once in a while. Maintenance on an RFS bike is a joke because it's so easy.
  3. Droptarotter

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    Agree with Off the grid.........if you want to tame the bike a bit.........install a heavier flywheel or get one of those cammed throttle tubes.
    Mine is a 2000 520 and is still going strong!

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    what they said..... if you're gonna sumo the thing WFO, yeah, you gotta look at some stuff.... but i would make sure it's all tuned right now, valves adjusted, and ride the thing wherever you wanna.... i will say that i put a cush hub on my 450 SMR that i turned into a dirt bike, and the cush hub is a beautiful thing... shop around, they ain't cheap, but it totally transforms the bike.... ride mine w/a cush, and you won't wanna give it back, especially on the road.... the more i mess w/them, the more i think the RFS KTM's are the best thing ever made.....
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    Why not just ride it and enjoy it?

  6. Shooter1

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    May 10, 2004
    Good luck.
  7. Navin

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    Sep 22, 2009
    I'd guess a non racer/trail plonker/street cruiser could easily get 50k miles from a RFS without ever opening the engine beyond yearly valve checks, not adjustments, checks and oil changes twice/thrice a year.
  8. Foot dragger

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    That would be the plan,add up all the things you want to do to tame it and balance that against a possible piston/set of valves down the road a long ways.
    Its not rocket science,listening to every nay-sayer on the internets would have most everybody staying home hidden in their backroom watching TV.
  9. Jimmy the Heater

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    Ok my 2 cents (and it's probably not even worth that, as I've never even ridden a KTM) is to ride the damn thing.

    But here is why I say that. I have ridden Japanese all my life and every single bike has required a metric butt ton of $ to make it tolerable on the trail. Suspension upgrades, Power upgrades, Swapping out controls, rims, brakes etc. All these come stock on a KTM.

    You can always ride a faster bike slower, but it is much more difficult to make the slow bike fast.

    Put a cush hub, progressive throttle cam, flywheel weight, and a comfy seat on it and see whats beyond the horizon.
  10. laramie LC4

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    soft intake valves are the only chink in the stock 525 (510cc) rfs motor. take care of that, when the time comes, and replace with kibblewhites. then if you get an oil cooler, and take care of the bike, no reason it wont go for a long time. especially if your not ringing it's neck. that 6th gear makes it really nice at higher speeds if you need to ride the roads for a bit. my buddy had over 20,000 on his 525 when he sold it and he had just done the valves not to long before.

    laramie :beer
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    just ride it