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    May 24, 2008
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    After the recent record-breaking rainfall and associated flooding, I figured it was time to check out some of my favourite logging roads to see if they're still rideable. The attached .gpx file runs from the Tourist Info Centre at the Pigeon River border crossing, to Hwy 593, OFSC109, Hwy 588, OFSC110 (Raven Road) and ends at the Boreal Road intersection.

    No issues on any of the highways. Some water over the road on OFSC 109 (just south of Devon Road #2) but not deep. OFSC110 is in bad shape on many of the hills. Six years ago I rode my ZRX1200 on this road, now I doubt if I'll ever ride the DR650 on it again. It was okay on the lightweight KLX250. The hill at 48 18.275 90 05.109 is downright dangerous (just north of the midpoint of Tower Lake, where the present road intersects where the old road was 80 years ago). I'd recommend stopping at the top (there is a small clearing on the north side of the road) and scoping it out on foot before descending. Otherwise its just a case of using common sense - don't crest a hill too fast when you can't see what's ahead. Several other hills are badly rutted, and quite a few small trees are down.

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