Different headlights for left side of road?

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by madeouttaglass, Jun 18, 2013.

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    I'm looking to finally visit my brother who moved to NZ a few years back. I currently have a 2006 FJR1300 that I love to tour with. I was looking to buy a newer one next year. My brother is interested in buying my bike so we got on the subject of shipping it over for my month of exploring your south island, then leaving it there for him.
    One of the things that came up was if the headlights would have to be changed in order for the bike to be permanently imported. Can I get any guidance from you Kiwis as to what might be involved in bringing the bike over there? My local Yamaha dealers only have the part number for headlights they sell over here. They don't know if there is a different part number for you guys.
    Any other related advice is very welcome.
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    The difference between lefthand and righthand type headlights is in the dipped pattern :deal. Check some of the NZ websites for Yamaha and get a replacement headlight price from them. If you get the part number you can take that back to your local dealer for a price. :D
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    for your info go to the website www.trademe.co.nz and search your model bike. About $12k NZ can get you one

    Is it worth the hassle. A very well priced big blaster Tourer.
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    Check out the LTNZ info if you haven't already: http://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicle/importing/index.html

    Part of the importing process is a safety & standards inspection & usually the only thing a modern bike in good condition will need fixing is the headlight changed to dip left if it is from a country where they drive on the wrong side.

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    You would have to pay GST (a tax) on entry if it is to be permanent. Cant tell you how much...its a sliding scale.( based on value of bike,+ freight + insurance)
    Then it needs Vin number here in NZ, the inspection is about $400.
    If the headlite does indeed need changing( My Buell 1125 ex USA did not) that HAS to be done by a Yamaha agent with genuine parts and all invoices presented at Vin inspection.
    Then there in NZ ORC, that being around $600ish/annum.

    Buy 1 here.