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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Bodge, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Does anyone buy into this? Im yet to see any Moto GP riders, WSB, BSB riders wearing anything else but leather. And all top end manufacturers use leather and make the gear for all the racers, And they go down at 170 mph slide forever and there leather doesn't wear though.

    Then you have this company claiming that there gloves are 10 times stronger than the ones mentioned above. If I was stupid enough to buy into there sales pitch, Put my bike down at 90 on a track day to have there gloves shred off my hand Id want to go over there and give them a proper shoeing for there blantant bull shit.

    Or am I wrong in my thought process lol
  2. OneZero

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    Jul 13, 2011
    I have personally never used motoport gear, but you'll find a LOT of loyal motoport users on this site. A quick search will find several threads about motoport gear as well. Just go to google and type " motoport kevlar gloves"
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    they may be 10 times stronger than leather, but a reason that racers don't use them is they don't get the "feel" they need for the controls, besides, gloves for motogp riders are probably all custom made for each rider, and they have dozens of pairs at their disposal for any given weekend, pretty much a disposable item.
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    I've often wondered this myself. If the kevlar gear is so good, why do racers use leather? You would think that they would want the absolute best gear available. Is it because leather is superior? Is it because kevlar hasn't had enough actual crash testing yet? Is it because they know leather works and are simply hesitant to change? Or is it because kevlar isn't as good as Motoport claim? I don't know those answers.

    I wouldn't call it blatant bullshit just yet though. There are a lot of people who have crash tested their gear and have wonderful things to say about them.
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    Easier to print sponsor logos on leather.....:evil
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    Concur. Remember, leather is just skin.
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    There are plenty of people on this site that have drank Motoport's cool aid. The Motoport site is annoyingly hyperbolic in nature, leading one to question any of the claims, but the gear is good. As good as race leathers? doubtful, but how many of us wear leathers on the street anyway? This is a case of the right tool for the job.

    Search online and you'll probably find more anecdotal evidence on Motoport protecting the rider than any other manufacturer. At the end of the day, what matters is whether you walk away from a tumble, and that is something Motoport gear excels at.

    As for the gloves. I have a pair, and they're pretty good, but I prefer the better fit of broken in leather. Something about them just doesn't have the give that a nice pair of leather gloves do. They kind of always feel like a waterproof glove with the lack of give that the membrane doesn't seem to ever allow.

    Hope that helps.
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    I own the gloves in question, as well as a full suit of the air mesh kevlar.

    I really like my gear. It wears great, and I've had a 35 mph get off where the gear held up well. Slid on my side a stomach for a bit. I remember having my palms on the ground pushing up while sliding. There's no visible damage to the gloves.

    All that said, I think the motoport site is full of hyperbole. I can point to something like his temperature ranges for his aimesh with liner down to -20 f is a joke. I think the exaggerated claims really take away from decent gear. I don't believe his gear is 10x more protective than leather, but I do agree that kevlar doesn't break down from sweat like leather gloves do. I've worn a hole in the fingers of some of my older riding gloves, before my finger popped out how long had the abrasion resistance of my gloves been compromised?

    My gear is about 4 years old, so I don't know what's changed, but I would say the workmanship is a strong but a bit primitive when compared to my aerostitch or modern camping gear.

    I wouldn't buy those gloves at full retail. Got mine used for about $50 and think that for fit and finish that's about the right price. I'd never pay $170 for those things. I got a pair of kangaroo palmed helimot F 107's for about the same price and those were a study in fine craftsmanship. Though the helimots weren't as cool as I wanted so I sold em..
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    A couple of years ago, I asked Freddie Spencer why racers were still using leather when there were more advanced fabrics available and he said it came down to comfort and feel. A custom fit leather suit fits like a second skin and allows the rider to feel the controls and movement of the bike better than synthetic fabrics. And the protection offered by traditional leather and armor was "good enough."
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    Jul 27, 2012

    It's about feel and about heat dissipation as you are sliding across the pavement. Synthetics get hotter then leather.
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    Dec 12, 2005
    Leather would be more aerodynamic!

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    A racing suit is made of much thicker leather than any glove. If you made gloves out of the same leather as a suit, it would be like wearing a baseball mitt. I believe that a textile can perform better than thin leather gloves for sure. That said, few racers ever put their hands out when they crash, they tend to tuck and slide on their backs where the heavy leather suit does it's work.
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    Motoport sizing is so random it might as well be referred to as whimsical.
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    A noob who's been here a month posts this? :huh

    Okay, put that aside. Perhaps before trouncing on a firm for it's claims and the like, one might be better served to do some personal research and gain a little insight before spouting off at the mouth.

    Would I wear my 6 year old mesh kevlar suit at the track? No. I have a custom Vanson leather suit for that. Would I wear my Volante for a trip around the world? No, I have other gear for that purpose.

    I rode in the mesh kevlar this passed weekend at 109F and in triple digits the entire weekend and was fine since I stayed hydrated. I also wore it to 23F while in Europe with no heated gear and was fine there too.

    So while I can agree that some of the claims by Motoport are perhaps a bit of wordsmithing, I think blasting them for it as a very new member of the community is as pointless as me writing this response to such ignorance.
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    Kevlar is a pretty amazing fabric but a few of the reasons they havent replaced leather include these:

    1) Cut strength of kevlar which make it so useful in bullet proof vest is less useful in meeting abrasion resistance requirement of PPE of motorcycle riders;

    2) Abrasion resistance of kevlar is achieved through knitting rather than the usual woven arrangement which adds to the bulk - reason why the more effective linings from Draggin Jeans and Halvarson's safety suits are bulkier than the usual woven liners from another kevlar line jeans. Motoport's clothing range fall into this category too i believe.

    3) the ad kevlar is 5x stronger than steel is based on same weight of material being used -given kevlar is so light weight, it requires a lot more bulk to achieve the same strength - the ad is very misleading in this way.

    4) While sweat wears down leather - kevlar degrade rapidly from UV sources, a protective layer or coating must be applied otherwise they become useless very quickly

    5) leather has lower coefficient of friction, meaning they slide better; and

    6) leather is better at dissipating heat from sliding friction, meaning less friction burn.
  17. Jud

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    Dang, just use some common sense. Don't confuse strength with abrasion resistance. Kevlar might well be 10X stronger than leather for a given thickness,,,,, doesn't mean that the kevlar will stand up as well to abrasion. In some ways, these gloves may well do some things better than leather. In some things, leather might be better. They are right, leather does deteriorate with repeated wetting and drying cycles. Also, sweat contains salts and that wetting/drying cycle is that much more notable.

    Racing organizations tend to be a bit conservative when it comes to safety. Leather has worked great for a long time so they are reluctant to change. Add in the fact that leather is more abration resistant for a given thickness than most if not all comparable materials there isn't any secret why leather is king in racing. Textiles are just starting to creep in some track day organizations and as real life experience are gathered, textiles might get more popular.

    Are they guilty of talkin shit and streatching the bubble gum? Yep. So are some others. Doesn't mean that they are shit gloves and doesn't mean that everything they say is BS. Like I said, use some common sense, sift through the chaff and try not to get so bent over small chit.:1drink
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    Jul 26, 2006
    All the speedway racers use Kevlar suits in the UK, my friend has a race suit custom made for him and he loves it
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    Jun 22, 2013
    I can see how I was confused by there clames but in the same sence its almost pointless telling us about some of thoughs facts. Mainly the 10x stronger than leather bit. I probaly was alittle harsh though. They way they talk makes it sound like you can't be more protective than to wear there gear which i feel isnt the case. And PPE is a important subject

    Another thought i had is perhaps its easyer to get a tight fit to skin with leather, stopping armer moving around in a off and stopping the metiral from bunching up or causing there own burns by frition.

    Ive been reading into "bull it" jeans. Full CE level 2 tested and passed for the hole lot. Apparnly much better than kevlar in everything. Abration tear burst been wet. They dont make any clames to be better than leather but say they will take a 7 second slide which is very good. Not sure what they are made of. They do say that kevlar doesn't like getting wet at all
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    I don't know Bodge, but being a noob to ADVrider doesn't mean he's new to motorcycling. His opinion and questions are just as valid as anyone's. They stand or fall on their own merit, not their post count. Forty two years riding, four months posting. Doug