Do you take your pets with you?

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    I appreciate what you are saying, our pets are our "kids".

    If you were to see Taffys joy and excitement about going for a ride, and her disappointment and whining when she can't go, you would understand.

    I believe that she does have a sense of awareness regarding possible danger.
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    Trust me, I understand completely.
    My Finnish Lapphund loves to tag along on my river/creek fishing trips and you can see the look of disappointment on his little face when I have to leave him at home sometimes. Ya see, some of the spots I fish have water moccassins in the area and I wont risk him getting bit by one. (they're poisenous if you aren't familiar with what they are) Vet says they could only inject with adrenaline to help him stave off death. (no anti-venoms locally for dogs)
    His chances for survival would be slim.
    The above's all about your choices and being able to live with the consequences.

    My hope for everyone here who takes the risks, is that they never have to face the reality of having taken them.:freaky
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    Sam -- I see that you've been getting a lot of unsolicited moralizing over this, but am curious what you decided. On one of my trips I saw a couple on a Wing who traveled with two Boston Terriers. One was in a tank bag where the rider could keep tabs on him. The other was in one of those baby carriers that folks wear so they can carry their child in front of them. Both had that critical human contact, and both seemed quiet content with the arrangement.

    My dog of choice is the golden retriever, so I went the sidecar route. I dealt with the road vibration by removing the passenger seat and installing a memory foam mattress. Barley now has 15,000 miles under his collar and is miserably unhappy if I take the rig out for a spin without him.

    I'm curious about folks who take their pets along in a topcase. How do you protect them from vibration and bouncing around? Anything I put in my topcase has to be padded well, as it seems to have more movement over rough terrain or bad pavement than any other part of the bike.

    Comments about responsibility hit home. I fully realize that Barley would be far safer at home than on the road with me. I mitigate that in any way I can. The hack is bright yellow and has driving lights (as does the bike) to increase our conspicuity. Plenty of retroreflective tape on the backside and I wear an obnoxious high viz helmet. He is tethered. I carry emergency medical and vet supplies including IV fluids, suture materials, etc (retired military PA). You do what you can to make the sharing of an inherently dangerous passion less hazardous. Perhaps the greatest tool in my safety arsenal is my own situational awareness and the intrinsic belief that his safety is in my hands.

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    I did for several years. My min. Schnauzer "Dunkin'" logged approx 50,000 miles with me over a period of 7 years. He absolutely loved riding, preferring the curvy mountain roads to the slab, but whether it was the Cass Rally in W. Va. or Bike Week in Daytona or just a day ride in the NC mountains, he was ready. Sadly he passed away at the age of 15. The new Schnauzer 'Baxter" hasn't decided if he likes it or not so he's only ridden around the neighborhood a few times so far. That's OK too.

    Waiting patiently for me to set up the tent at the Halloween Campout


    Ready to head out to the Cass Rally in W. VA

    Stretching his legs after about 200 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    and pulling Sentry Duty at Daytona Bike Week
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    Dog owners are weird.
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    Girls that love dogs and motorcycles must be really weird. :wink:
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    Montana may be the place for you this summer when they're hot from traveling.