Dogtown, Buck Meadows and home in the back of a truck.

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    Went for a (short) ride yesterday with David from the DSROMC group. The day before I removed the skid plate to change the oil and filter. While riding to David's house I noticed a wicked vibration noise and was hoping it was the skid plate. I met up with David at his house and made a quick adjustment to the skid plate.

    Once we got underway the noise was gone, which was a relief. I followed David up through Coulterville, to Dogtown Road and over to Bower Cave.



    Permit in hand ( :evil ) we walked the short trail to the cave, where I got lots of fuzzy photos:



    I'm glad David knew where he was going, because I was WAY off on where I thought it was. After visiting the cave we started exploring the surrounding forestry roads. At N37 47.097 W120 02.889 we located a small trail off the main road and decided it was something that needed to be explored.

    I headed off first, with David following. The trail is narrow, but not quite single track. It winds up hill and a good climb, but not really all that difficult. But those are the ones that always seem to get you, right?

    The trail:


    I got a bit too close to the left side of the trail and snagged a branch. When I went to put my foot down to steady myself the tall XR proved to be a bit too tall. My foot was on the down hill side, and my leg was just too short. Over I fell, with the wheels to the uphill side, and the handle bars on the down hill side.

    I could hear David headed up the hill, so I jumped up and started lifting the pigish XR. I had it almost up as David came around the hill, but then dropped it again, this time on top of myself.

    David was trying to get his bike in a place where he could help, but I was able to get out from under the bike and get it upright in short order.

    When I got back on, I noticed the rear brake was not working all that well. I thought it was just the loose terrain and started heading back up, till I looked down and noticed my rear brake caliper lying on the ground next to the rear wheel. :huh

    I grabbed a hand full of zip ties and attached the caliper to the side of my seat via the glove strap and limped down the hill.


    When we got down we inspected the rear wheel and noticed it was only being held in place by a small chunk of the caliper bracket below the axle.


    I decided that I could probably limp the XR to Buck Meadows, which was only about 3.5 miles down the trail. We made it to the store, where David called his wife to come pick us up.

    I'd like to send another thanks to Davids wife, who's name I still cant remember, even after asking twice! :asshat ----> (me). David, please give your wife a hug for me. I hope she was able to get her papers written!

    Anyway, I just grabbed a used bracket from eBay, but I am not sure if I'll need a new brake line too. I'll have to get it all back together to see.

    Here is a Google Maps link to our ride.

    <iframe marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",-120.057843&spn=0.162824,0.274315&z=12&output=embed" width="800" frameborder="0" height="600" scrolling="no"></iframe>
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