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    Mar 20, 2011
    I was listening to a motivational audio cassette on how to pursue and gain happiness. I only have the first cassette to the book seeing as I bought it for fifty cents at Goodwill. It has this guy with a very strong Boston accent rambling on about his life. Today he mentioned something about "just get it done" and how life cannot hold anything over your head if you subscribe to that train of thought.

    So, after picking up the missus from PHL, I managed to get the R100RT on the m/c jack without assistance.

    I tore the front end off and ended up with this view.


    I'm going to clean the fork sliders tomorrow and allow it to drain thoroughly. I followed the advice on this website:

    Are there any pros or cons for further dis-assembly? At the moment I just popped off the fill plug and the lower drain plug to disassemble.

    Oh and for fun here are the stablemates:


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    If you push the damper rods up and pull them back down and it sounds like metal to metal contact, your rebound damper cushions are gone. If that is the case, you should find out how to get the rods out and back in so you can replace the cushions. Snowbum, I'm sure can tell you more than you need to know on the subject.