don't have to cut off the plug!!

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    Nov 28, 2003
    If you have an older GS like mine and want to mount the Navigator IV you have to search for a power source and usually cut the plug off the GPS and hard wire it into your power source. Recently Garmin replaced my cradle under warranty, and I decided I did not want to cut the plug off again in case I want to get one of the new water-cooled GS's next year. The parts guy and I started looking for a solution that would allow me to wire something up so that it would be plug and play. There is a harness repair plug available for the later model GS1200's that accepts the Garmin plug. I just ignored the purple center wire and used the red and black when wiring to my parking light socket. Now to remove the GPS cradle, all I have to do is unplug it. Part # is 83 30 0 413 586 and costs about $15.00.