Down Goes the GSA and the Wife too

Discussion in 'Face Plant' started by Sox Fan, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Riding the GSA a few days ago with the ladywife on board. We were in an area we have never been and got off course a bit. Rode through a couple of connected parking lots and we were about to take a right onto the main road.

    I roll up to the entrance to the road, see zero traffic the left and start to pull out. ON NO! It's a one way street with traffic coming in both lanes!This startled me, I jam on the brakes and down we go.

    It was essentially a zero speed drop. No one hurt, crash bar scraped a little and a broken directional lens. No biggie. Picked it up got back on and we rode the rest of the afternoon and had a great time.

    There was no sign saying "One Way" in front of us as there probably should have been but still a very basic lesson reminder: PUT A FRICKIN FOOT DOWN BEFORE PULLING OUT ONTO A MAIN STREET!
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    Shit happens and it happens fast, glad your all ok. Life would be boring without the (O Fuck what just happened) moments
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    Excellent advice, and something we all try to fudge a little bit every now and then and should not do.

    Putting a foot down, even just for a second, gives you so much more chance to observe the situation compared to a "rolling stop," and also gives you a much better chance to remain still and be stable if something unexpected happens. I notice when I do a rolling stop, it makes me be in a rush to be moving again, so I don't fall over! This can make you miss stuff. I really try not to do it..but sometimes...

    Glad your wife and you are OK.
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    Thank you for this,

    I have been rolling along sometimes but I will definitely start putting my foot down always
  5. BCKRider

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    Dec 24, 2012
    Sox Fan, I can imagine doing exactly what you did. What would have happened if you had made a complete stop, seen no traffic to your right and made the turn, only to realize a couple blocks later you were going the wrong way on a one-way street? Pull to the curb and wait to make a U-turn? Good opportunity to brush up on your profanity or prayers.

    I live in a rural area near a small town. Truth is, there are stop signs where I often don't put my foot down - because I can see that nobody can get me. There are also "yield" signs where I always put my foot down - because you have to stop to see if it is safe to go. I think lots of us who care more about our safety than legality do this on our "home turf."

    But a full foot-down stop is certainly in order when you don't know the territory really well. I also once toppled with my wife on the back when I DID come to a full stop at a sign. No surprise for an excuse either. It was raining and I didn't get completely off the front brake.

    Had a number of these 0 mph topples in my early years of riding. Finally wrote an article about them for the BMW MOA Owner's News. Not sure if the article saved anyone else similar embarrassment and cost, but it worked for me. Haven't toppled my bike in several years.
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    Whew! A fellow Red Sox fan was uninjured! :clap

    $50.00 says it was NY Yankee fan who removed the one-way sign! :evil

    I hope your wife is ok with getting back on the bike!

    I love reading this section of ADVrider not that I enjoy someone getting hurt but everyone usually has good tips for us all. I have been riding 34 years and still love picking up new tips!

    Go Sox! :1drink
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    I fight this battle every time I ride. Failure to come to a full stop has cost me many scrapes and a few near misses.

    Amazing I just don't break the habit. Good reminder - AGAIN!
  8. quasigentrified

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    Feb 17, 2013
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    i always put a foot down before a stop-and-turn. annoys the cagers, but i need the extra second of assessment time!

    my most memorable drop was similar: rolling stop-turn on a 550 lb mana, missing that the street i was turning into didn't hafta stop! i'm just glad i wasn't cleaning urine out of my cordura that afternoon, and that my bike hit the adjacent ditch rather than the speeding fedex truck. life lesson LEARNED.
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    Thanks for the reminder about putting the foot down. I've been guilty of not doing this, and have been "surprised."

    No more.

    Thanks again.