DR200SE Exhaust and Windshield

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    Two mods for the DR200SE. First, the exhaust. DG Performance makes two exhaust slip-ons for the bike ($160 on Ebay). The "O" series is oval similar to the stock muffler. The "R" series is round (and weighs a little bit less). I went for the oval because I liked the look and they make silencer inserts for them. First, the before:


    A comparison of the two. Stock exhuast is roughly 8 pounds. DG is roughly 4 pounds.


    And without any further ado, the after:


    Warning!!! The DG is loud! It's a straight-through muffler and the 1.25" silencer I bought does nothing to reduce the noise. I ended up making a supplemental silencer (metal screen and steel wool) which helps (a little). Yes, I did reject with the Kientech jet kit. It warms up within seconds, adds much more power, and runs great. I did have to lower the needle two clip positions to eliminate a nasty off-idle stumble.

    Next, the windshield. I only paid $1,200 for the bike so I really did not want to spend a tenth of that price for a windshield. I borrowed this idea from a guy on Youtube so I can't take the credit. It cost a total of $10, took 5 minutes to install, can be removed in two seconds, and returned to stock in 10 seconds.




    It's a 3M Tekk Replacement Faceshield ($7.52 on Amazon). I spent three bucks for three Scotch removal adhesive strips. They are 3X stronger than velcro (according to the package). Two strips where the faceshield meets the headlight cowling. It sits on the turn signals and behind the speedometer perfectly. I did use the Dremel to make a small indention for the brake hose.

    For ten bucks, I am very pleased. The majority of the wind is diverted from my chest. Also, you can duck behind it for rain, bugs, and shaving tenths off of your quarter mile time (just kidding). It is very secure and does not buffet in the wind. Good luck!

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    That stock can is a monster. Too bad the DG is so loud.

    The headlight cow,l is the exact shape as the DR350 one. I have some clear plastic (acrilic like stuff), I bought from the hardware store I am going to try to make into a windshield. Yours is still velcroed right. Jsut a different brand.