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    Nov 1, 2012
    Hello all
    My dr350 1994 kick start ( my daily )
    About a Month ago it all of a sudden had this problem , when I would go to work in the morning after I had gone down the dual carriageway the bike would feel like its about to cut out then go again and when I came to a stop it cuts out and would not start again . After a few kicks it comes back to life but won't rev ? You can rev it slowly but anymore than that and it will just bog and die . So I drained the carb off and it seemed fine .
    A day later it did the same thing , so took the carb off and cleaned it properly . Few days later same thing happens . Sometimes it happens first things in the morning when I start it up but sometimes its fine .
    Anyway I striped the bike down . Cleaned the tank ( was quite alot of crap in there ) cleaned the carb again , put inline fuel filter , checked valve clearances , tested the the coil to make sure the spark wasn't breaking down , new plug , new plug cap , cleaned the airbox and airfilter , checked the kill switch , side stand switch removed . Did a compression test was just over 100psi that seems quite low but surely the problem would be all the time and not every now and again if compression was low ?
    Sorry for the long winded thread but I really am scratching my head with this one .
    Any help would be great