DR650 Fork Swap

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by fjefman, Apr 6, 2009.

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    Ladies and Gents,

    I have a 2007 DR650 that I absolutely just love everything about except the suspension. I know I can always upgrade the springs and install some Emulators, but I'd rather have cartridge forks. Does anybody know if any front ends that are an easy swap onto the big DR.

    I'm thinking about the DRZ400 stuff...Anybody know if the full front end from one of these models will fit without too much work?

    I'd obviously prefer something that allows me to use the stock DR6 front wheel, but don't mind a little bit of modding...just hopefully no machining.

    So, tell me what has been done to these things to greatly improve the front suspension.


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    Quite a few people have the DRZ forks on the DR650, as well as the WP/KTM USD forks. I think you will be better off going with the entire front end including triples, wheel and brakes.

    Do a search for "DR650 fork swap" in the DR thread on Advrider as well as the DR forum on Thumpertalk. All the info you need has been posted numerous times.
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    What type of riding are you gonna do with it? the easiest way is to do the springs and emulators (cheaper too). Otherwise RM250 forks will work, but you need the RM wheel and then you will need to get a Vapor speedo, Some KTM forks will also work, but I still think you may have to retain the KTM wheel as well, there is no easy direct swap of forks and retain the DR rim as far as I know, do a quick search on the DR650 forum and see what you can get.