DR650 gurus: clunk when bike stalls?

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by Mens Rea, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Oct 14, 2011
    Nor Cal
    Howdy to all. I've been wanting a thumper to take out on back roads here in Nor Cal and have come across a 1999 DR650 for sale nearby. It belongs to a towing company that acquired it via a lien, one of the owners had been riding it but has now hurt his shoulder, and has put it up for sale. It is currently registered but pretty chewed up. Not so much service history as service mystery. 22k on the clock.

    But I think I could get it for about a $1k. Hard to start but sounds ok running, but here is the but: if the bike stalls, it makes a noticeable clunk. I read through some of the many DR threads and it seems the '99s had some bad-idea starter part that is unique to the model year. I know Remote Diagnosis is a sketchy business but does what I describe align with the 99 design issue? Is that a PITA repair or not too bad as long as you get in there before something happens to the cases?

    I might be :norton but hey! a thumper to go with my K100 project!

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    Honestly...with that many miles, youll be replacing parts more than riding.
    id walk away, you can do better than a 13 year old bike with dubious history and 22k miles.
    $200 seems like a reasonable offer if you really want it...