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    I'm getting ready to put a new chain/sprockets on my '07 990. There is currently a 17 tooth on the front (which I'll be replacing with another 17 tooth). Is it necessary for me to remove my clutch slave housing to make this swap? I'm in kind of a time crunch and would prefer not to deal with servicing the clutch along with the drive train (especially given how nasty dirty it is down there :eek1)
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    you need to unbolt the clutch slave to swap the front sprocket without cutting the chain, but it just pulls out of the way. You won't lose any clutch fluid or have to bleed the clutch. Just make sure not to pull the clutch lever while it's unbolted. The whole operation only takes a minute or so.

    Of course, there's not much reason to take it off if you are cutting the chain and riveting on a new one, just thread the chain through.