drz400 mods back country roads and two lane highway

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    Jan 21, 2013
    Hey everyone, I fell in love with dual sports recently and bought a stock DR-Z 400e. It is a great bike but being a 400 it is reaching on the highway. I wish suzuki made the DR-Z650 but the DR650 doing so well I doubt it will ever have a cousin or brother. I am not a fan of air cooled for my sport bike riding for numerous reasons, and since Honda made the worst decision of their career by stopping production of the baja winner XR650R I have limited options. I was thinking mods to help me out with this bike do I don't wear it out with too much back country highway riding. I changed the gearing to be like the sm, that way I can rev lower at speed, but still love to wheelie, I do absolutely zero off road. my question is, what are the best mods for the money without losing reliability? I've heard number one thing to do is pumper carb, next I was thinking big bore like 470 (getting as close as I can to 650 status). However I'm not sure if going big bore is for me, harder to resale since its been seriously modified, and I'm not sure if service intervals are more frequent with that, anyone with experience would be helpful. Thanks. Or if you have a brand new XR650R street legal bike, I'll just buy it off you. :clap