Drz400s'S take on Muddy Hare Scramble

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    Hello, Everyone

    Blain (32x20 username) and I Ventured off to Union, Sc for the Brown Jug HS race last sunday on our DRZ400s's (we did trailer there from charleston, sc) both with dot app tires. It was my second HS and Blaine's first. Obviously it had rained last week and it became quickly apparent that Union's red clay became very slippery and muddy. Which revealed 3 foot deep ruts that stopped even the mightiest dirt bike in its tracks if they chose the wrong line!

    Blain passed me early when i fell in a mud pit right before an uphill and then I caught him 45 min (3miles) later, shortly after that I had a mud, chain, user error problem that had me stranded while I adjusted and cleaned my chain for about an hr on the side. I got it to move about 30 feet in an hr but once the sweep came I decided to get towed back to base instead of continuing repairs on course. Meanwhile blain completed a lap under his own power!

    We seemed to be the only taged bikes of the 200 plus racers. You cant get any better by sitting on the sofa so I plan to do another one but hopefully not this muddy.

    Blain next to his DRZ

    Anyway here is a video of me getting stuck in the mud, helping others out and doing a few hill climbs.

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    Yikes! That blue bike was more like eaten by quicksand than stuck in the mud.
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    They announced prior to the start that the course was a ~6.5mi loop. "Great," I thought, "I can do 40mi at Wambaw in <2hrs so we should be able to get a bunch of laps in." Wrong.

    There were bikes stuck that bad or worse in every low area. I was stuck about 50 yds up the trail from the blue bike. I was buried to the skidplate but was able to drag the bike out. 300+lb dual sports and mudpits don't mix. Also, the T63 is NOT a good mud tire.

    I hosed off the bike yesterday. I'd like to know how many lbs of mud washed off:


    The bikes & Eric on the long drive home:

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    Travis Pastrana did a hard enduro in Austria once on a DRZ, I think. You are right about red clay being a beeotch.