Ducati Mutistrada 2013 problems/issues

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    I sold my 2010 Multistrada Touring last year. It was a fantastic bike, but I guess I was one of the unlucky one that experienced some (too many for my taste) problems with the bike.

    But now, a year later, I miss the Multlstrada (surely not my particular bike, but the fun of riding one). So I'm thinking of giving the 2013 with Shyhook a try, and I'm wondering what is the 2013's owners experience in terms of issues with the bike, even if it has been release only a few months ago. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, here are the problems I had with my 2010 Multi (and hope that most of them are solved on the 2013):
    - Electonic suspension (changed the rear shock and ECU twice)
    - Engine cut out (never solved)
    - excessive vibration left peg (never solved)
    - locking mecanisim
    - rear brake
    - clunking noise front fork (dealer try ti fix it, then said it's not a problem)
    - exhaust replaced
    - fuel gauge
  2. DropinParts

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    I have a 2013 Base model without the Skyhook. I have not experienced any of the issues you've listed. The only minor problem has been the half hour it takes to get this ridiculous grin off my face when I get off the bike. :D
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    Check the two other multistrada threads for more info and also ducati.ms is a good forum.
  4. Willie B

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    I have a '10 S Touring and have had a few small issues but nothing that made me want to sell the bike. I think one's happiness with these bikes depends on how good their dealer is. One of my issues could have been a night mare had I not had a good dealer and tech. If you're still dealing with the same folks, you might consider looking elsewhere. Where are you located? I have read on the Ducati.ms forum that several folks have had issues with their Skyhook bikes, but it's early on and this sort of thing happens. Ducati seems to have rectified a lot of the early bikes fueling issues with the '13 bike.
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    I have a 13 MTS Touring with the OEM top box and the granturismo windscreen...zero issues. The bike has been superb.