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    As I already said, I have no horse in this race and I don't really care for these beads but I'm always willing to learn something. So here's my contribution to stir up the nest. :amazon

    Here's a vid I saw years ago but forgot about.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/ullnFQD4F1I" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Maybe it could help to clarify the whole thing a bit. It doesn't show everything but it's a start.
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    This. There's so much going on dynamically between the shape of the tire, the flat spot that occurs 11 times a second at 60mph, and the bike's lean (not to mention a sudden application of the brakes or the surface imperfections inside the tire) that the "washing machine" comparison is laughable.

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    So, the beads can't possibly work in a motorcycle tire?
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    What really convinced me is when I bought an old GL500 a couple years ago the 16 year old front tire (tubeless) was badly out of balance. I removed the weights and it was just as bad. Broke one side of the bead and dumped in a handful of airsoft BBs, pumped it up and took it for a ride. Smooth as silk. Now I use them in all my tubeless motorcycle tires. They're cheap and easy so why not?
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    Nothing to do with Dynabeads - just wanted to point out how absurd this statement is. The airfoil on a plane's wing and hydrofoil on a submarine's fins actually are identical in how they work. Bernoulli's principle works the same on all in-compressible fluids and is exactly what both things SgtDuster mentions rely upon to work.

    This is of course assuming you're talking about subsonic aircraft. When a plane goes trans-sonic or supersonic they can no longer be compared to a submarine. But, up until that point - they are IDENTICAL in how they work.

    Yes, I did work as an aerospace engineer for several years. Why do you ask?
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    I just installed new tires,tubes,and rim strips.I put the dot inline with the valve stem.While I was at it,I added 2oz of beads to each tube as recommended.I now have serious wheel hop front and rear.At 45 to 55 mph,I get head shake to the point of a tank slapper, if I even think about lifting a hand off the bars.Before I installed the tires,I checked my spokes and rim run out.Everything was in good condition.I even checked my steering bearings and wheel bearings.I did remove the spoke weights as recommended.I am also running the recommended 33/36psi air pressure that's on my bikes data sticker.It almost feels like the beads are moving to one spot and staying there causing the hop.I really don't want to have to tear down my bike again.I have always done static balances on my wheels and have always had smooth running bikes until now.I don't know whether to add more beads or just rip it apart and do a static balance.I'm not sure if I can even get the beads out of the tubes.Any recommendations?
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    Hi all,

    I stumbled onto this thread while researching tire pressure monitors. Although this thread seems a bit dormant, I thought I should add my two cents worth.

    I actually used Dynabeads on my Tundra when it had a set of 6 ply Toyos, and the dam*ed tires wouldn't balance out. Toyo may make good hi-perf tires but their truck tires leave a lot to be desired. Anyway, the Dynabeads did help somewhat but there are a couple of downsides you may want to know about before using them.

    First, pouring them into the tire via the valve stem can be tedious and time consuming because the beads can exhibit a static charge that clumps them. I kept touching the stem with the edge of an oscillating electric sander (without the paper of course) and the vibration helped the beads pour in. Second, removing the tire later on guarantees your beads will run all over the place unless you tell Ignatz the tire guy to be careful. Even then, he's unlikely to go to the trouble of scooping them out and saving them for a new tire.

    Third, you absolutely cannot ever use a quicky tire puncture slime sealant. Do so, and you'll clump the beads together and cause the mother of all imbalances. And if you have a puncture repair that results in exposed cement inside the tire, be aware that beads could stick to that as well. In theory, the remaining Dynabeads would balance that out, but still.... Fourth, TPMS! Over time, I don't know if Dynabeads would affect internal tire sensors but it's certainly something to think about. Fifth, you'll need to replace the little metal tire valves with those that are designed to block the beads from entering the valve stem. I recall that Dynabeads sells them. And finally, sixth, once inside, if the Dynabeads still don't adequately solve your tire balance problem, know that you can't resort to a conventional balancing until you've cleaned out the beads. In for a penny, in for a Dynapound.

    Bottomline, I thought they helped balance my very lumpy Toyos. They weren't the miracle I'd hoped, possibly because the tires had an inner/outer imbalance that the beads couldn't adapt to. Motorcycle tires shouldn't have that problem. My take on Dynabeads is that they are best suited for large tire applications such as on semi trucks where imbalances can be significant, glass smooth operation isn't essential or obtainable, and repeated conventional rebalancing isn't cost effective. Which isn't to say that those who have used Dynabeads in MC tires haven't benefited.

    Like I say, just my two cents.
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