Early April in VT

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    This is the first trip I've posted. I'm usually so busy reading other peoples that I don't bother. So here we go.

    The journey between my house in NY and my Home in VT is about 250 miles. There are a few ways to go, but I've found the nicest to be route 3 thru Star Lake, Cranberry Lake, Saranac Lake, and Plattsburg. From there I take the ferry from Cumberland head to Grand Isle. Once in Vermont I seem to breath a little easier and take my time. I take various routes to get to my home, just exploring. This time I was doing a little reading on Advrider and came across some ride reports on the Bailey Hazen military road. It intrigued me. One aspect was the history, but the other(more enticing fact) was that it runs right through Cabot. Cabot being my destination the Bailey Hazen seemed like a sure ticket. I decided to pick up the historic military road in Albany follow it down to Route 2 then spend the night at my house. The plan was to finish the rest of the trail on the following day but that is another story. Having just bought a GoPro Hero2 It seemed like a good test. Since a majority of the trip was to be on slab the Bmw F800GS would be my stead.

    The journey started at about 0500. It was a brisk morning temps got down to about 19 degrees F. A tad bit cooler then I would have liked but the heated grips and my gear worked well. Once the big orange ball was in the sky the temps were fine.
    For the first three hours or so of the trip, monotony. Sure, beautiful monotony, but monotony nonetheless. Just something about droning away on the slab. Then the ferry, that magical ship that takes me to the enchanted land (I really LOVE Vermont). The cold did a number on my camera battery so there are only a few shots of the ferry and lake Champlain. (I have video for most of the trip but will only be posting about 9 mins or so to youtube. If I get some free time I'll try and pull some stills from the rest.)
    Once in Burlington I decided to stop for coffee and electricity. I also enjoy freaking out the crunchy, liberal college town people that populate Burlington with symbols of my affiliation to their most hated institution (hoooah). The choice was obvious I went to City Market. Great coffee being brewed and plenty of yummy apples. After some pleasant conversation (I'm from Vermont I'm a little crunchy myself) and battery charging I was on my way.
    A quick stop at Frank's Motorcycle sales in Essex Junc. for a new rear tire then into the land of no cell reception. Wanting to save the battery in the camera for the Bailey Hazen I kept it off for the ride to Albany. Big mistake it turns out. The path I choose to get to the objective was probably some of the nastiest terrain that my F800GS has seen( and that is saying something). Oh well. Once in civilization again I found this little country gas station town store. Inside was the best damn beef jerky around. The jerky comes from Orleans VT, good stuff. If your ever in Albany VT (RT 15 to be exact) I recommend finding that place and procuring some jerky. Jerky and apples, the diet of champions.
    About ten minutes after leaving the store I was on the Bailey Hazen. It was a fun little jaunt thru the Vermont countryside. I tad bit tame, but fun. (I believe that some of the other sections are a little more technical.) Then on to Cabot and my house. Never got to do the section south of RT 2. Another time. The ride back to NY was through nonstop rain and cold. not really worth talking about.

    Here is the seriously trimmed down version of the edited video (with some of my homemade synth insanity). Stills will have to wait till the weekend.
    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/r1proTE4hsY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    HD version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1proTE4hsY&hd=1

    (see if you can find the part where I go off the road)
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    I lived in Vermont for a few years and it will always be special to me.
    The stuff about "Being able to breath a little easier" and Burlington really
    brought on some nice thoughts. Thank you for taking time to post !
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    bump, I like the music.