East Coast Rally Navigation Training Interest?

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    I'm putting this out to gage interest.

    A few people have express interest in learning rally navigation but can't make it out west due to extra travel cost and time. With rally opportunities in North America coming up this fall I'd like to offer a training event in time for the rallies and before the summer heat sets in. As of now I'm looking at three days over Memorial weekend, May 24,25,26 near Deland, Fl.

    With apps like Rally Blitz for odo and compass headings plus Rally Navigator's ability to print small(enduro size) roll charts it's easier for someone to test the rally waters and see what rally navigation is all about. We're looking at gas distances to be in the 65 mile range so any street legal dirt bike should be able to participate. No need to invest in a full on rally bike to see if you like the challenge.

    This will be a navigation training event not a rider training event. Riders should be intermediate level or higher capable of riding long distances and making necessary trail side repairs(flat repair etc) to keep themselves going.

    I still have some logistics to work to determine pricing but before I make a few more trips to Florida I'd like to see what kind of interest there is.

    Please let me know if interested either on this thread or by pm.