East Harrison in BC (21 APR 2013)

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    Feb 1, 2013
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    We did a day trip up East Harrison on April 21st...
    John M, Darren and James (TeamKLR) with Surprise Peak in the background

    We started out in a deluge but by the time we arrived at Harrison Hot Springs, the weather had begun to let up. Once off the pavement, we aired down a bit and rode north on the east side of Harrison Lake. The weather steadily improved making our rain filled boots only a minor inconvenience. Here's our Spot Tracker trip data. We got as far as the blocked bridge at an elevation of approx. 1100m. The snow on the other side of the bridge would have been more of a challenge than we were prepared for since this was our first ride of the season. Since it was close to 2pm and we had set a turn around time of 3pm, we decided to have lunch before heading back. On the way up we only saw 3-4 other vehicles. On the way back there several trucks, cars and groups of quads on the road. I suspect they were lured out by the sunshine. Everyone was courteous and friendly. I've created a Photo Share with some pictures for anyone who's interested.

    The bikes where flawless (as expected) and we forgave the weatherman after changing our socks and airing out our boots. All in all it was a great ride to start the season.