Eastern Trans Am Trail, Join Me?

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    I'm leaving Knoxville TN either 7/26 after work or early on 7/27 and I plan to ride my KTM950 Adventure Westbound on the TAT through TN and MS and then pick up the MS Hill Country maps that are shown on the TAT website. I'll ride the MHC South and then turn around and ride the whole thing in reverse back to Knoxville. Total TAT miles are about 1900 and total trip miles will be 2500+. I have all the maps and roll charts ordered.
    I planned to ride it alone but I'm curious if anyone wants to join me for all or part of the adventure. I'll pack light and ride hard and fast and I plan to stay in hotels. I figure it'll take about 6 days total.
    Let me know if you're interested in joining in the fun.
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    This section is generally for ride reports after you have ridden it.

    I'm sure many of us would enjoy reading about your ride after you have completed it, but if you are looking for riders, you'll probably have better luck in the Regional Forum or maybe Trip Planning?