Easy, safe and fast dirt between Seattle and SD

Discussion in 'Americas' started by FakeName, Oct 20, 2012.

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    Picking up a 990 in Seattle next week, and have a short time to get home to San Diego, which unfortunately means skipping most of the great roads in between. I'll be traveling solo, so not digging into any "real" riding- just need to get back home easily and safely.


    I can't resist asking- can anyone suggest some southern direction, easy, interesting dirt I on which I might indulge for a while? All that pavement does not thrill. Planning on a stop in Yountville, and I've already ridden the west coast route more than I can count, so will be traveling centrally.

    Weather counts, too.

    It's safe to assume I have at least the minimum set of riding skills.

    Suggestions? Thank you.