Ecuador - Colombia San Miguel / Lago Agrio border crossing

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    We recently crossed south to north at this crossing and would like to pass on some very valuable information for other travellers to avoid the confusion we experienced here. We crossed from Ecuador to Colombia north bound:

    Ecuadorian Immigration is not on the border, it is 25km south in Lago Agrio (Nueva Loja) on E45 north of the main town on the west side of the road. Looks like an old gasoline station and there is a big sign. The 'new' building is next door.

    Coords:0.09685, -76.88120

    Ecuadorian Customs (Aduana) is 4km south of the border in a shack opposite a bloody big empty building (we had no idea what went on there).

    Coords:0.23456, -76.87717 (approximate - sorry)

    Colombian Immigration is 20m north of the bridge amongst the shops and markets in a caravan, east side of road.

    Coords:0.25202, -76.87636 (easy to find)

    Colombian Customs (Aduana) is NOT HERE. The nearest office is in Puerto Asis, 140km away on a bloody rough road currently under construction that will probably take another 5 years to complete. It is a slow ride.

    The DIAN ( office is located opposite the airport runway on the east side, directly in line with the terminal on a dirt road.

    Coords:0.50345, -76.50073

    To get your Temporary Import Permit processed, go to the Information desk first by the door. The official will then take you upstairs to another office for the paperwork. BE ADVISED, it took us nearly 2 hours for processing as the very friendly and helpful staff (all 4 of them) seem to of never done this before (???) Remember we were heading in, not out of Colombia.

    They were the first Aduana office in all our South American trip that checked engine and VIN numbers, so good to see they are doing their job correctly. (They were SO FRIENDLY we nearly got a dinner invitation !).

    Of course if you are departing Colombia south for Ecuador, reverse these instructions. This border crossing was very safe and no issues at all with dodgy dealings. We were amazed how friendly and helpful everyone was.

    The road from San Miguel to Puerto Asis had a heavy Police and Army presence to protect the Colombia - Ecuador oil pipeline and despite the numerous repairs going on, we got the impression their was still some 'Guerilla resistance' happening in the region, but again we felt no threat whatsoever to our safety (AMERICANS TAKE NOTE). In fact the Army guys were extremely friendly and once again when you ride a 'big' bike here, you are VERY popular with the lads.
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    Great information! Very few seem to do this crossing as the customs are not located at the border but this crossing sets you up for some great off the beaten path riding in Southern Colombia. Thanks for posted up the way points of the aduanas. I hope to make this crossing, I think it is the last of two land border crossings in Colombia that I have yet to pass.

    Ride the Trampoline of Death Road out of Mocoa if you can, it's a good one:deal
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    Just wanted to point out that if you are going south from Colombia, you can just skip the Colombian aduana and save a bunch of time...

    Hey Throttlemeister - just rode the Trampolina - amazing! :clap