Ecuador Flash Flood...

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    Leaving Banos, Ecuador at around 9:00 am I chose to take the newly opened mountain route back to the Pan Americana on my way to Cuenca. The road had been closed for about the last 5 years, but had opened again the day before. It had been raining hard and when I crossed the first Quebrada, I had a fair bit of running water to contend with so I got off my bike to snap a pic.


    I crossed a couple of more, but on the forth, when I was lining up on the best crossing angle, I was surprised by a 10 inch burst of mud and water that came careening down the channel. I instinctively hit the brakes and decided I'd better re-assess. It was a good choice because I came to find the goo was filled with cantaloupe size rocks bouncing along in the sludge. Within three minutes I had a torrent that was now pushing boulders 2.5 feet round and in ten minutes earth shaking boulders the size of lazy boys were included in the mix.

    A big surge scared me enough to seek higher ground and by the time my bike was started the torrent was lapping at my heals I walked back after the deluge had subsided significantly.

    This video frame was taken about that time. All the boulders are in motion except the two on the far left. The two in the center channel are about the size of dining room chairs. The one second from left was deposited during the peak and is nearly the size of an adv bike.


    I went back (.75 km) to the next quebrada and found the road back to Banos in this condition. Which had flooded, perhaps, worse than the other Canyon.


    After a few hours things had subsided enough that a few locals helped me push my bike across the quick sand like mud and got back to Banos by 5:30 pm, happy to be back with 0 miles progress that day.
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    Glad your OK! What a sight that must have been, thanks for sharing!
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    Careful down there! As you witnessed, if it rains, there's a landslide somewhere around the corner.

    Got a ride report somewhere?

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    Wow....good thing you stopped and lucky you didn't have to spend the night out there. Down there, there's no nanny state looking over your shoulder taking care of you....Good work.
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    wow, crazy stuff. it's always impressive to see the power that moving water has.

    .... also where is the trip report for this ride? clearly OP is on a long ride to the south and surely there is a thread covering this?
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    Glad you made it out OK.

    Is that a Honda NX400 Falcon? I rode one in Peru and loved it.